Garmin Mini Dash Cam
Garmin Mini Dash Cam

Garmin is one company that built up a great reputation for the GPS systems they have for vehicles. However, what you may not realize is the company has gone a step further in the gadgets that are available for the vehicles. In this case, we are talking about the Mini which is one of the smallest, but also one of the most expensive dash cameras that we have found and now want to complete our Mini review with the in-depth review.

Features Of Mini

  • Records in 1080p HD footage.
  • Size of a key and goes almost invisible on the windshield.
  • Automatically records and prevents deletion of the accidents if any happen.
  • Provides a 140 degree field of view.
  • Using the Garmin app it can be connected to your smartphone.

What I Like With The Garmin

Small Size Makes It Almost Invisible

When you look at the size of the Garmin mini you will actually be shocked at how small it really is. The size comes out to about the same size that you get with a smart key for your vehicle. Now, if you have these keys you know they are not that big. However, for the compact size that is present with the camera, you do not lose any of the video quality you want to have. So this definitely is a plus since you get the same quality without the larger camera size to deal with.

With Bluetooth Or Wi-Fi Connectivity Its Easy To Get The Video Downloaded

Normally, I never would have thought about this before, but with the advances in technology not a lot of people want to have wires to watch something. Think about the cord cutters and how they are cutting everything. That is what really makes the connections here great as it makes it quite a bit easier for you to get the video connected and moved to your devices like you want to have and uploaded to somewhere else or even edited if you want to put them up on YouTube.

Has A Dual USB Power Adapter To Charge Phones While Still Powering

The dual power ports is something that you can enjoy with the Garmin Dash Cam here. These ports are going to make it easy for you to get the Garmin powered, but at the same time can use it to power some of your other devices. This way you do not lose any of the ports for charging if you need them while you are driving and want to have your camera on in case anything happens.

Low Profile Adhesive Mount

The low profile adhesive mount is definitely a feature that is nice. The downside is the adhesive is different than a suction cup which means it does require a little bit more in the way of work. However, at the same time, though, the low profile and the adhesive does keep the camera in place and secure even in changing temperatures. On the downside when this does come up you may find that it can be difficult to remove the camera and reinstall in a new vehicle if you change cars.

What I Did Not Care For With The Garmin Dash Cam

Records Only In The Forward Position

Just like the Blackweb Digital camera that we have talked about before, this is one camera that is going to record only in the forward position. While this does not really have a major impact for some people, if you are a Lyft or Uber driver you may not get the rear passenger seat area covered. However, on a plus side if you do get a second Garmin Mini Dash Cam, it will connect easily to your smart phone and can be synced together with your other ones.

What Others Are Saying

Beachsand actually brought this up on website, “small and mighty camera”. This is definitely going to support one of the things that I loved as well and tha is the compact size that keeps the camera hidden, but does not diminish the fact that the video still records in the HD quality that we have all come to expect.

Now, a customer who went to the Garmin site mentioned this, “the camera does not have a shutoff switch it runs constantly if it has power. 2 it gets hot”. Now, this could definitely be a concerning  issue for a variety of reasons. The top one that I can think of is the fact that the camera is running hotter than what you normally would expect, but it also becomes an issue when it is running with power because if you forget to unplug it and your car does not turn off the charger you could have the problem of your car battery going dead.

My Final Thoughts On The Garmin Dash Cam Mini

The size of this dash cam can make a lot of people doubt the quality of the video. However, they just need to look at the first cell phones that were in a briefcase size bag and only made phone calls compared to the latest Android or iPhone. With the advances in technology the size of items can come down as well. That is exactly what happened here with the dash cam and it will definitely make it easier for you to get the dash cam installed and hidden. Which is why I have to say that I really do like the Garmin Dash Cam Mini and think everyone will enjoy it as well.