Car Sitting in field
Car Sitting in field

Finding a new is a challenge. However, in this article we are comparing he Blackweb Digital to the Garmin Mini . By comparing these two cameras we are looking at the features of each, how they are the same and different. Now, the main factor that to consider is the price point, as one of these cameras is very affordable and the other one is rather expensive for a dash cam. Now, this should not be the only determining factor and that is why we are comparing what we feel are a couple of the best dash cams on the market today, the Blackweb Digital Dash Cam and the .

Features Of  The Blackweb Digital Cam

  • Records in  1080p HD footage
  • Records at a 120-degree view field.
  • Can be used to record in a loop style.
  • The Blackweb Digital Dash Cam can record at night with an infrared night vision.

Features Of The

  • Records in 1080p HD footage.
  • Size of a key and goes almost invisible on the windshield.
  • Automatically records and prevents deletion of the accidents if any happen.
  • Provides a 140 degree field of view.
  • Using the Garmin app it can be connected to your smart phone.

How Are The Blackweb And Garmin Alike

When you look at these cameras you may notice that they share a very limited number of features. One of the main features that are shared between the two cameras is the fact that they are both recording in the 1080p High Definition that makes it easier for you to get the recording that you want to have.

Both of the cameras are going to record to a memory card which makes it easier for you to store your videos and know that the video is going to have the proper quality that you need to have, but also know the video is stored in a space that you cannot lose it once you have it stored properly.

With both of these cameras they both only record in the forward motion. This does help to avoid any of the split screen issues, but it is limiting to a point on what you are able to see and if something does happen behind you or you drive for Uber or Lyft you most likely do not get the protection as to what your passengers are doing behind you.

How Are The Garmin And Blackweb Different

Now, a glaring difference in the dash cams here is the size factor. The Garmin is a mini size and is about the same size as your key fob. However, the Blackweb is not that small and requires a little bit more in the way of space for the camera to be fitting onto your windshield to get the recording that you want to have. So the size difference is one of the first features that you will notice right away that is different between the two dash cams.

Now, something else that is different between the Garmin and the Blackweb is how you can offload the videos. The Blackweb uses an SD card that you have to get the videos off of manually. The Garmin provides you with the chance to integrate the smart phones features with an app to the camera. At the same time, the camera does have Wi-Fi compatibility and Bluetooth which makes it easier for you to get your videos off of the camera and into video editing software.

Cost is a major breaking point as well between the two dash cameras. The Blackweb tends to cost under 20 bucks to 25 bucks for the dash cam. However, for the Garmin the last time that we checked you are paying for the advanced technology of being smaller and utilizing some of the modern conveniences that we have gotten used to having and cannot really live without anymore.

Which One Of The Dash Cams Is Better Now here is the challenge and that is trying to figure out which one of the dash cams is the better option. Is the better option the Blackweb or the Garmin Mini Dash? Well, that really depends on what features you are looking for. If you are looking for something basic and affordable then the Blackweb will work best for your needs. However, if you are willing to spend a little bit more money and get a smaller camera with a little bit wider view, then the Garmin Mini Dash could be the best option for your vehicle dash cam.