AGPTek Video Vehicle Recorder
AGPTek Vehicle Video Recorder

Dash Cams can go either way when it comes to the pricing market. You can find some of the dash cams that run you over a hundred bucks. However, you can also find some that are under the 20 buck mark. Now, what is really interesting is you can find some dash cams, in fact quite a few of them, around the 40 dollar price point. Well, that is why I decided it was time to review the dash cams that are on the market today and find what I feel is the best one on the market for under 40 bucks. Now, it is time to learn about the best the, AGPtek Vehicle Video .

How Did I Find The AGPtek Vehicle Video

I have to say that I honestly thought about taking the easy route here and just talking about one of the dash cams that we already covered in our dash cam series. However, I quickly found that this would be an easy route out and while I do feel that these are a great camera, I wanted to find a new camera that can help you out as well. When I looked at all the features of the cameras at this price point and the brand quality, I found that the AGPtek is one of the best ones that I found and actually liked the features of as well.

Features Of The AGPtek Vehicle Video

  • 4 inch screen with HD viewing.
  • Records in 1080p HD with low illumination HD video.
  • The lens is able to record in 170 wide degree angle.
  • Utilizes a G-sensor to automatically record and lock the file if an accident happens.
  • Uses night vision to capture clear image at night.
  • The recording is done on a TF card.

What I Like About The AGPtek Vehicle Video Recorder

The Wide Angle Recording

This is one feature that I found to be almost amazing. The view of the camera is almost as good as what you would get when you are driving down the road. I mean, a flat line is a 180, which is quite expansive. So the camera will record almost everything that you have on the sides of your vehicle except for about a 5 degree blind spot on each side of the vehicle. So that means on the Interstates or on the M1 you would have a view of all the vehicles passing you.

Has A Real Time Output On The Image Display

Normally, when you look at the digital cameras they tend to not have a display model that you can play back right away. However, with the AGPtek it has a real time footage display. This makes it easier for you to know what has been captured and get all the details of everything that is going on around you if you are trying to use the camera from a driving instructors perspective and you are sitting in the passenger seat.

Can Record In Night Vision

While I know in some of our other articles covering the dash cams some of the cameras record in night vision, but not all. At the same time, though, we have found that this is one camera that does a decent job at recording in night. Which definitely helps to keep the camera functioning and recording everything that is going on while you are driving, even if it is night time.

G-Sensor Helps Record Accidents

You may or may not know what a G-Sensor does and if you do then you already know having one of these is a must have for your dash cams. This sensor will detect when you have an unusual amount of force on your vehicle, typically from an accident. When this happens it takes and makes sure it is recording, but also locks that part of the card that it is recorded on and keep it for evidence if you need to have it for courts.

Uses A TF Card

Now, this one threw me for a loop to a point. I knew that it used a memory card, but I had never heard of a TF card before. After some quick Googling I found that a TF card is pretty much the same as a Micro SD card. However, to guarantee you do not have any issues you should look for a TF card and from what I found online if you are using this camera look for a program that can run the file type that it records in as it is an odd file type.

What I Did Not Care For

Battery Does Not Stay Charged For Long

Okay, this is a complaint that I read from several reviews online and that is the fact that the battery does not keep its charge for a long period of time. Yes, I know that a battery can run down and it can drain based off of multiple factors, but some people were complaining about just taking the battery off of the charger and it was going dead. Now, I will be the devils advocate here and mention that they did not show if the battery was older or if the product was brand new. The same reviews that I seen online about the battery dying quickly avoided talking about if they had contacted the company about the battery issue.

What Others Are Saying

SummerFlare mentioned this on the Walmart website, “great quality image and easy to put together”. This is definitely a major determining factor as you want to have a great image, but also have an easy time in putting together the dash cam.

Kathryn left this comment on Walmart, “it is a great bargain”. Now, this was taken out of a review that was talking about the quality and the overall look. So while it was a great bargain it was talking about the overall quality of the camera and how it functions.

My Final Thoughts On The AGPtek Vehicle Video Recorder

Finding the best dash cam for under 40 bucks was quite a bit of fun. We found one that did not make our other list, which is what I wanted to provide you with the wider selection of cameras. However, overall, I have to say the AGPtek vehicle video recorder is a nice camera and definitely one that you should consider if you are on a budget and need to save some money, but want a good quality .