Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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A is one item that any wine drinker needs to have. However, with all the different wine coolers on the market it is very difficult to find the best one. Well, here we are covering the that ranked 5th in our 5 best wine fridges for home use. In this case, the cooler that ended up coming in 5th place is the Arctic King 34 Bottle Review. So without any further ado, it is time to cover what helped land the Arctic King in our 5 best list.

Arctic King 34 bottle wine cooler

Features Of The Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Is able to hold 34 wine bottles.
  • Has an interior LED light.
  • Touch controls.
  • Wide temperature range for optimal cooling.
  • Recessed handle for opening.
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What Is The Dimensions

Buying any piece of furniture or appliance type of item for your home means you have to get the right size for your house. I know that I have made the mistake before of not looking at the size of an item and thinking it would fit exactly where I wanted it to, but finding out after the fact that it is only an inch or two larger than what I needed it to be. Since that is the case, here is the dimensions and the weight of the wine fridge.

The cooler comes in at 17.3”L x 18.9”W x 33.1” H. This is a decent size, but it is also small enough for you to get into most of the spaces that you would want to have it sitting. It is important to note that these are the interior dimensions. You will need to add roughly 2 inches onto the cooler size to be accurate for the case.

Now, as for the weight you will need to have a second person help you move the cooler. The cooler comes in at a total of 66.1 pounds which is a little bit on the heavy side.

Display Is Easy To Use

The display that you have available to see is the type that makes it easier for you to see and not as hard on the eyes. That mainly comes from the fact that the Arctic King company has opted to use the LED display. This type of display makes it easier to see, but also has the lower light that does not really hurt your eyes at night.

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Check out the fantastic Arctic King Wine Cooler Today

The display also has the touch controls that are by it as well. The touch controls would be more along the lines of what you are used to using for items like your smart phone, tablets, and with some of the newer vehicles the display screen. Since this is the case, you are going to already be familiar with how the touch screen works and get it moved to what you need to have set.

Shelves Make It Easy To Get Your Bottles

It is important to note that you have to get the shelves properly set up to hold 34 bottles. However, on the positive side the wine bottles when placed on the shelves are very easy to get to by using the slide out shelves. These shelves make it easier to get all of your bottles out and put into the wine fridge.

Now, one the downside the fridge is geared more towards the regular size of wine bottles. This can make it a challenge if you are like me and get the bigger bottles in cooling them off. The big challenge is if you make a mistake like my husband and buy the jug of wine because it was on sale because I have not come across many fridges, let alone a wine fridge, that is able to hold that size bottle.

Has A Wide Range Of Temperature Settings

The temperature settings are definitely an item to consider when looking for a wine fridge. The biggest thing to consider is if the fridge has a set temperature or if you can adjust the temperature. The adjustable temperatures work best to get your wine to optimal temperature.

The Arctic King 34 bottle wine cooler is coming in with a temperature that can be set from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit. So that wide range makes it easier for you to get the wine chilled to meet what type of wine you are putting in the cooler, but also for the weather conditions.

Door Is Easy To Use

When you look at your kitchen refrigerator you may notice that the door is solid and not see through. In some cases that is a good thing as you do not want everyone seeing all the leftover food. So that is completely different than what you get from the wine fridge here.

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The door for the wine fridge is solid glass. That makes it look more like a gas station pop aisle, but with wine it has a touch of class. To make it even better the wine fridge uses a soft LED light on the inside of the fridge that makes it easier for you to see all of your bottles.

Something else that you can enjoy with the door is the fact that it has a recessed handle. This handle makes it easier for you to grab, but also not have to worry about getting your pants or shirt snagged on. The downside is you have to make sure your hand will fit into the recessed section for the handle, but for the vast majority of people this is easy to do.

Uses A Compressor Chilling

With most of the wine fridges you are going to find they tend to use a couple of different methods of cooling. However, one of the most common types of cooling is using the compressor chilling technology.

The compressor chilling technology tends to use freon, the same things that are used in air conditioners, to cool off all of the air. Now, this technology is older and tends to use more electric than the other technology, but it is a reliable technology. On the downside the compressor technology can be slightly louder than some of the other newer technologies.

Pros and Cons

  • Can hold 34 bottles of wine.
  • Uses an LED display and light inside.
  • Touch controls make it easier to set,
  • Recessed handle on the door.
  • Slide out shelves are easy to get bottles out.
  • The compressor can be louder than you are expecting at times.
  • Is not a self leveling unit.
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Check out the fantastic Arctic King Wine Cooler Today

What Others Are Saying

While I do provide an impartial review, I know that my opinion enough is typically not enough to sway your buying choice. With that being the case, I decided it was time to share some of the other reviews that I have found online about the cooler.

One review that comes on the Walmart website from Jonwine talks about the temperature. ”Cools effectively to about 2 degrees above the temperature shown”. This goes back to what I mention below about an added on accessory of an extra thermometer. By getting that you would know exactly what the temperature really is.

Another reviewer from the Walmart website mentioned the temperature as well and they go by the name dc1225. ”you need to lower the temperature more as this thing is not very accurate”. As you can see it is another complaint about the temperature reading on the cooler.

Who Would Like This Cooler

The people who would really enjoy this cooler are those that own a lot of wine. This does not mean that people who do not drink a lot of wine should not buy it, but it is a great option for wine drinkers and with the 34 bottle capacity would suit people with more wine bottles.

The other group of people that may like this are those that are not looking to spend a fortune. The price for the relative size of the wine fridge is not that bad. This makes it easier for you to get a fridge and still be able to afford the wine that will be going into it.

Who Would Not Like This Cooler

The people that would not like the Arctic King 34 bottle wine cooler would be those that want an accurate temperature each time. However, that is a problem that the company should be addressing. Still the temperature hangup can become a major issue for a lot of people and that does include me.

The other type of people who may not find the wine fridge to be suitable would be the causal wine drinker. The fridge holds 34 bottles of wine if properly configured and that is quite a bit of wine. However, if you are a causal drinker of wine then the fridge with the large size could be overkill.

Whats In The Box

Inside of the box it is actually very easy to see what is included. The main thing that you are going to get is the wine fridge and shelves. Outside of that nothing really other than the manual is included in the box.

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Check out the fantastic Arctic King Wine Cooler Today

Accessories To Consider

Well, finding out more about what to consider accessory wise is definitely something that you should look at. For this fridge it is pretty much easy to find out what you are going to need and in most cases it is just some bottles of wine to put in!

I know, the bottles of wine is a given of what you need to get. However, I will tell you that one thing that I would highly recommend getting would be a thermometer that you can have laying flat or hanging up in the fridge. This way you are able to verify the temperature is working properly for what you have it set for.

My Final Thoughts On The Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Cooler

The size of the wine cooler is a major factor that helped to get it ranked into my top 5 and the price makes it reasonable. Now, the other thing that you need to consider is the temperature is not as accurate as you may expect and that can cause a problem if you want exact temperatures. Overall, for the price and even with the temperature issues, it does keep the wine chilled, I have to say it is a decent unit and affordable for a budget buyer.

Arctic King 34 Bottle Wine Cooler

219.04 219.04
Price is subject to change please check the link below for most accurate price. Accurate as of 3/14/22.
This an affordable wine cooler that has a large capacity and has a stylish look for your home.