Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler Review

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Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler REVIEW<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-eNnL3zcl4" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Source</a>

The is meant to help you in keeping your wine chilled and ready to be drank at a moments notice. The product is one that does the job of cooling the wine very well. However, we know the is one that a lot of people have questions about. That is why we have decided at News To Review it was time to carry out our own review on and fill you in on what makes this standout from others on the market.

Features Of Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Blue LED light helps to showcase the bottles.
  • The tempered glass helps prevent UV damage to the wine.
  • Has a temperature range from 43 to 57 degrees.
  • Flat back design makes it easier to place against the wall.
  • Reversible door allows opening from either side.
Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler
Keep all of your wine cool.

Holds Up To 36 Bottles Of Wine 

The capacity of the Danby wine fridge is second to none. I mean most of the wine fridges that I have looked at tend to not hold this much in the way of wine. So finding one that actually does hold quite a bit of win is refreshing.

A big factor that you could find here is the capacity is limited on the size of the bottles. If you have the larger bottles, then the capacity is smaller. However, even then the capacity of the fridge is still quite large.

Now, a big plus that I really enjoy is the capacity to hold the bigger bottles. This does not mean the bigger gallon sized jugs, but it does mean the 750ml bottles. That feature alone makes it almost worthwhile for me to get the fridge because these bottles take up so much room in my normal fridge.

Flat Back Design Makes It Easy To Place In The House

A common problem that a lot of people have found with the wine fridges is the fact that they have to leave a gap at the back for the coils. This is a real pain and often means your wine fridge sits out a little bit into the room.

Thankfully, the Danby company has figured out that this is a common problem. This problem has been solved by installing a flat back on the wine fridge here. This flat back makes it easier to push the wine fridge against the wall.

Now, something else to take into consideration is the size of the unit. The unit here is 20.08 x 17.52 x 32.76 inches. This is a wide range of sizes and definitely makes it easier for you to find the space in your home to fit the wine fridge.

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler
Keep all of your wine cool.

Wide Temperature Range

Certain wines require a certain temperature for them to be properly ready to drink. Granted, I do put my wines in the fridge at home most of the time, but that is a constant temperature all the time.

Well, the unit here has quite a wide range of temperatures. In fact it can be adjusted from 43 F to 57 F. This makes it easier fro you to get the temperature that is set properly for your wine.

On a side note, before using the fridge check the temperatures on different shelves. It has been reported that the unit does have a wide range of temperatures between the shelves and this can impact the quality of your wine.

Tempered Glass Door Prevents UV Damage

A common problem with wine is excessive exposure to UV light. The light can cause damage to the wine from the fact that the light is coming in and can disrupt the wine.

Well, the doors are a common way for light to get into the wine bottles. That being the case, the door here is made from glass that is going to help block out most of the UV rays that are harmful to your wine bottles.

On a side note you will love the fact that the door is a tempered glass. This means the door on the wine fridge is less likely to shatter if you hit it on accident.

Reversible Door Allows For Greater Range For Placement

If you are like me you probably have the perfect idea where you want to put something in your house. Then you get it home only to realize that the display people put the door on backwards or that it does not open like the display model does.

Well, I hope I am not the only one that has happened to anyways. However, the Danby company with the wine fridge here does have a solution that can help out and it is actually an ingenious idea I think.

The door on this unit can be installed in either direction. That means you do not have to worry about how the door opens as you can open it in either direction and know the fridge actually fits in the location you want it to fit.

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler
Keep all of your wine cool.

Temperature Control Is An External Knob

Adjusting the temperature to what you need it set at is key with a wine fridge. However, a common problem for a lot of people and I have seen it is the knob control buttons.

Yes, the knob controls do work and the knobs do a good job. However, the knobs are starting to become outdated and are definitely something that can easily be adjusted. This means you could have your wine fridge set for the coldest temperature possible only to find out it got changed.

You could be asking how I know that the knob controls are easy to adjust and well, that is actually very easy to see. In fact, all that I have had happen in the past is my rubbing on the knobs scratching their chins and have changed the settings on my freezer one day. So I know for a fact this type of control is a major drawback as it can be changed easily and without realizing it was changed.

Cooling Can Be Tricky

You might be asking how can it be tricky when the job of the wine cooler is to be cool? Well, a lot of that stems back from the positioning of the thermostat in the cooler, but also the temperature settings, which will be covered in the next 2 paragraphs.

A lot of people have reported on Amazon reviews that the temperature does not really go below 50 degrees. Now, they do not mention where they are taking the readings from or what they are using to get the readings. However, with multiple reviews reporting the same issue it does seem to be a common issues.

To address that issue that was mentioned above, it could be a situation of people taking measurements in different locations in the wine cooler. A couple of reviews we read about the Danby 36 bottle wine cooler mentioned that from the top shelf to the bottom shelf of the fridge the temperature can swing by as much as 5-7 degrees.

Pros and Cons

  • Glass door helps to prevent UV rays damaging wine bottles.
  • Door can be positioned to be left or right open.
  • The flat back allows for better positioning in your home.
  • The light is a gentle light and makes it easier to see the bottles.
  • Can hold quite a few bottles of wine.
  • The temperature gauge is not always accurate.
  • The knob on the temperature setting is a knob instead of buttons.
Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler
Keep all of your wine cool.

Who Would Like This

The first group that would like this wine cooler are those that drink a lot of wine. With the cooler holding 36 bottles of wine it is easy to see why this would be a popular addition to your kitchen. Still, I like the fact that the cooler can even handle some of the bigger 750ml bottles that my husband has a tendency to buy.

The other people that would like this wine fridge are the ones that like to have a collection of wine that is chilled. This does not even mean that you have to drink the wine on a regular basis. Instead, you could end up having a and selection that is varied so you can pair your wines properly with meals and not have to be concerned about them not matching right.

Who Would Not Like This

The first group that would not like this are those that bump into things or have animals that rub against corners or edges. The reason for that is the fact that the knob can be turned on accident. So all you would have to do is accidentally bump into the knob or have your pet rub on it and change your temperature settings.

The other group that would not really care for this type of wine cooler would be the ones that do not drink a lot of wine. Yes, it would be great to have a big stockpile of wine to drink, but if you only drink once a week or so then it could be impossible to justify buying a wine cooler that holds 36 bottles.

Additional Accessories To Consider

When you are buying Danby 36 Wine Bottle Cooler you may want to consider the following items to help make the product work even better.  Some of these accessories will help out right away, but others are going to be items that you find out down the line.

A great consideration for your wine cooler is a thermometer. The thermometer may not be needed in the cooler, but it will definitely provide you plenty of information on the actual temperature in the cooler. In fact, I would recommend getting a couple of thermometers so you can check the top and bottom shelf temps on a regular or constant basis since their have been reports of varying temperatures.

Something else to think about buying to go along with the wine cooler is a nice set of wine glasses. Yes, I know most people already have these, but you need to realize you can never have too few in the way of wine glasses. So buying new wine glasses makes it easier for you to enjoy the wine.

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler
Keep all of your wine cool.

What Others Are Saying 

While I do provide quite a bit of information about the item here, I want to give you information from others. Here is some of the feedback that has been left by other reviews online.

Todd M. Hirsch left a review on Amazon and had this to say. ”the cooler chills at only 50 degrees”. Well, this stems back to what we have referred to before with the temperature control issues. At the same time, this temperature is great for white wines, but your red wines it would not help out with.

APC review also left a review on Amazon as a verified purchase. ”there was about a six to seven (6-7) degree difference between the top rack and bottom rack”. This could be an issue for some of the wines and obviously you could end up grabbing a wine that is a lot colder than what you expected.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Temperature Range?

The temperature range varies from 43-57 degrees.

How Many Bottles Does The Wine Cooler Hold?

The wine cooler can hold 36 bottles if properly placed.

What Are The Shelves Made From?

The shelves are a wire shelf type and do slide out.

Does The Tempered Glass Door Matter?

Yes, the door helps to protect the dangerous UV light from entering the cooler and potentially damaging your wine.

How Accurate Is The Temperature?

It has been reported that the temperature can vary from top to bottom, but also off of what the thermostat is set to.

Final Thoughts On Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

We have to say that this product has some positives and negatives. Overall, the Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is going to provide you with plenty of space to put the wine bottles. However, I do have to say that the space may not be the big issue as it does take the cooler a while to cool down. At the same time, I do not really care for the control knob style as it is one that my cats can rub on and turn. Not to mention I can break the knob off or my husband can by walking by it and hitting it. Overall, though, the cooler does the job and holds quite a bit of wine, but for me I would have to seriously consider the potential for other coolers.

Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler

499.99 499.99
The price is current as of 5/22/22. Please click link for current price and purchasing options.
The Danby 36 Bottle Wine Cooler is one that holds a lot of wine and keeps it cool for you. Just make sure you are prepared to have all of your wine ready to drink at a moments notice!

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