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The Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine is meant to help you with keeping your wine cool and ready to drink at any moment. The Vinturi is one that does this job fairly well compared to some of the other wine fridges we have looked at. However, we know Vinturi 24 bottle wine is one that a lot of people have questions about. That is why we have decided at News To Review it was time to carry out our own review on Vinturi 24 Wine Bottle and fill you in on what makes this standout from others on the market.

Features Of Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Cooler

  • Capable of holding 24 bottles of wine.
  • Temperature range is meant for wine.
  • Soft blue LED light provides optimal viewing of wine.
  • LED touch pad makes adjustment easy.
  • Single door makes it easier to open and control the wine.
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What Are The Dimensions Of The Vinturi Wine Cooler

The dimensions makes it easier for you to know exactly how much space you need. Since that is the case here are the dimensions of the Vinturi Wine Cooler. 

The size comes in at 2.4 cubic feet or 29.5” H x 17” W x 17.75” D

The weight is a little bit on the heavy side, but it is not a dead weight at 47 pounds.

Capable Of Holding Multiple Bottle

With any wine fridge the more wine they hold the better. Well, that is definitely the case with this wine fridge that has been reported to hold up to 24 bottles of wine.

Now, the best part is the wine will fit into the shelves that are vinyl coated. These are going to prevent the bottles from slipping out when you open the door, but also going to keep the fridge in good working order without damage to the door from the wine bottles.

In addition to holding the wine bottles, the bottom of the wine fridge does have a little basket. This basket is great for holding smaller items like some cheese, grapes, or that type of thing as long as it is not overly heavy.

Auto Defrost Makes Cleaning Easy

One of the things that I fear the most is opening up my fridge or the freezer and seeing the frost built up around the sides. This often means that I have to empty them out for the day and then fight in getting the defrosting completed.

Well, the bast part is the Vinturi has an auto defrost feature. This feature is going to make it easier for you to keep the wine fridge working and not have to worry about it freezing over.

A downside with the auto defrost is the fact that it can create a mess at times. The mess is not overly bad, but it can happen from time to time. The good news is the mess if one is created is generally just water and easy to clean up.

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Temperature Is Perfect For Optimal Wine Cooling

With a lot of wine they do have a temperature range that is optimal at keeping the wine good for a long period of time. The Vinturi 24 bottle wine fridge does work great for that with a 25 degree temperature range to help keep your wines cooled properly.

The temperature range of the cooler can go down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit and can go all the way up to 65 degrees. So this is a wide enough range to provide options for what temperature you want to have your wine set at.

On the plus side the temperature in this wine fridge is very consistent. This makes it quite a bit easier for you to find the temperature setting and even while checking with a thermometer with the compressor cooling feature the top and bottom of the fridge barely waver in the temperature.

Uses A Compressor For Cooling

Compressor technology has been around for several years now. However, what you may not realize is that over time they have made improvements in the compressors to the point that they are able to fit into the smaller wine fridges.

The compressor makes it easier for you to keep the temperature at a consistent level. However, it also lets you have the wine fridge and know it will act almost like your regular refrigerator in how consistent the temperatures are in the unit.

Something else that is great about the compressor technology is the fact these can be worked on. Yes, it may cost a little bit of money to get the repairs done, but in general the repair work can be done by the same guy who you would have come over to work on your refrigerator.

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Shelves Are Specifically Designed For Wine

With some of the wine fridges that I have looked at the shelves are not really made for wine bottles. The cooler, here, though is the exception as I have found that the shelves are designed specific to fit the wine bottles and keep them in place.

The shelves have the right curvature for the bottles and makes it easier to keep them in place. At the same time, though, it is easy to keep the wine bottles from sliding out of place with the vinyl coating that actually grips onto the bottles.

One major problem that you could find with the wine fridge is the fact that the bottles only fit in a single way. This does not really present an issue for me, but it does for some people make it very difficult to store all of their bottles in the wine fridge.

Soft Touch LED Panel Makes Accidental Changes Possible

I will be the first to say that I love the LED screens and panels. However, at the same time I have found that these do have their own down falls as well. One of the most common downfalls is the touch screen on my phone!

With the phone if you look back you may notice that you have accidentally butt dialed several people. This is not something you have done on purpose, but with your phone in your pocket you could have accidentally dialed someone that you did not intend to.

Well, sadly the same can hold true for the LED touch adjustments here. Granted, you probably will realize that you are hitting buttons on this since it is a larger item, but it is not always possible and at times you could turn up the temperature setting on accident or even your pets or kids could.

Does Not Fit Larger Bottles

Not fitting the larger bottles is a little bit of a lie I should say. The cooler does fit the larger bottles of wine, but they do not properly fit them and it greatly reduces the capacity of the fridge.

With my family, my husband who typically buys the wine, has ended up getting either the gallon or the 750 ml bottles all the time. The gallon bottles definitely do not fit into the wine fridge. However, even the larger 750 ml bottles are crowding the wine fridge.

If you are a family that only drinks the smaller bottles, though, this is one fridge that will fit your needs perfectly and will keep you happy. If you are drinking mainly from the larger bottles, though, then you could be in a little bit of trouble as the larger bottles do not really fit perfectly into the wine fridge.

Pros and Cons

  • Able to hold multiple bottles.
  • The blue light provides a softer light.
  • LED touch panel makes it easier to adjust.
  • Door makes it easier to control the fridge.
  • Auto defrost keeps unit from gathering frost.
  • Can be difficult to fit in larger wine bottles.
  • LED touch panel can be adjusted on accident.
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Who Would Like This

The first group that are absolutely going to love this wine fridge would be those that are looking for a wine fridge that can hold quite a bit of wine and not draw a lot of electric. This fridge is sized perfectly for that type of situation and will definitely keep the wine ready to drink in a moments notice.

The other group that would enjoy the unit are those that like the sleek and modern look for all of their appliances. This wine fridge does have a lot of different features to it, but it will make it easier for you to have a great look to the fridge and know it will fit in perfectly to your modern home.

Who Would Not Like This

The group that would not like the wine fridge here are those that do not like the compressor technology. This technology is not really that bad and does tend to lead to better temperature control it does require some maintenance. So if you do not like the fact that you have to keep up with some maintenance or do not like the slow and low hum of the compressor then you may want to consider something else.

The other group that would not like the unit are those that do not drink wine! Yes, it is a great wine fridge, but if you are not a wine drinker you would not want to get a wine fridge.

Whats In The Box

Buying the Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Fridge often means you are going to get a great item to take care of keeping your wine cold. Still, it is important to know what is inside of the box to guarantee you get everything you need. Since that is the case here is what is in the box for the Vinturi 24 bottle wine fridge.

Inside of the box you will find everything needed to get the wine fridge up and running. This includes the wine fridge, the shelves, and even the plug.

One thing that is not included in the fridge that you have to find is the wine to put into it. However, you just have to make sure you look at this as a plus because it does mean that you get a chance to go out and shop for some wine!

Buy The Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Cooler
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Additional Accessories To Consider

When you are buying a wine fridge you may want to consider the following items to help make the product work even better.  Some of these accessories will help out right away, but others are going to be items that you find out down the line.

The racks are held nicely in place, but one thing that you may want to consider would be getting some high quality wine to put in the fridge! Yes, I know that my favorite is one of the most popular in America, but for a wine fridge like this you should splurge to get a couple of really high quality and nice bottles of wine for special occasions.

Something else to consider would be different items to help care for the wine fridge. This could include cleaning supplies, to even different cloths that you could use to scrub the wine fridge properly.

What Others Are Saying 

While I do provide quite a bit of information about the item here, I want to give you information from others. Here is some of the feedback that has been left by other online.

Diane who left a review on the Walmart website has this to say. ”Sleek and modern look”. This is definitely a tribute to the look of the cooler and how it looks compared to some of the other wine fridges that we have reviewed before.

Swoosh who was on the Walmart website as well left this to say about the wine fridge. ”Nice size, not cheaply made solid”. With that information it testifies to the fact that the product is very solid and durable compared to what the other fridges have been made in the past.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Temperature Range?

The Vinturi 24 bottle wine cooler has a temperature range of 40-65 degrees F.

What Color Is The Indoor Light?

The indoor light in the wine cooler is a cool blue LED.

Are The Wine Racks Coated?

The wine racks for this cooler are vinyl coated wire to provide protection to the racks.

How Many Bottles Will The Wine Fridge Hold?

The wine fridge is capable of holding up to 24 bottles of wine.

Any Extra ?

The bottom of the fridge has a basket tray for storage of grapes, cheese, or those types of items.

Buy The Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Cooler
Get one of the best wine coolers on the market today!

My Final Thoughts On Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Fridge

I have to say that this product has some positives and negatives. Overall, the Vinturi is going to provide you with some nice cool wine while you are using it. So you need to make sure you know about this as it will make a difference in how much you enjoy it. My final thoughts on the wine cooler or fridge is that I would highly recommend it due to the fact that it does its job and works great at what it is meant to do.

Vinturi 24-Bottle Wine Chiller Features

Vinturi 24 Bottle Wine Fridge

199.99 199.99
Price is subject to change, but current as of 6/21/22. Please note this is an affiliate link.
With a soft blue LED light and soft touch panel the Vinturi 24 bottle wine cooler is one that not only looks good, but provides a touch of class to any room in your house.

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