is definitely a problem that has plagued me in the winter months, Well, summer is coming now, but it is still cool enough that my hands are dry and cracking. I hate that feeing and I have to admit I have looked long and hard to find a lotion that would actually work in keeping my skin moist, instead of dry and cracking. That is why I decided to share my For Review to make it easier for you to know if this product actually works or not.

Aroma Magic Moisturizer For Dry Skin Review

What Is The Moisturizer

Okay, I know that for a lot of people knowing what the moisturizer is makes a big difference. I can tell you the moisturizer that is recommended and advertised is an almond moisturizing lotion. Well, that led me to thinking more about the soaps that I use when my skin starts to dry out and the main one that I turn to is the Aveeno Oatmeal soap, which is natural just like the moisturizer here.

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Does This Moisturizer Stand Out

I hate to say this, but I really and still trying to figure out if this lotion stands out from all the others on the market or not. Well, I can tell you one thing that I found that does stand out is the price. The price for the product is rather high compared to what I am used to paying, but that is for a 100 mL bottle. This may not seem like a lot of moisturizer, but I can tell you when you only need a little bit it is actually quite a bit of moisturizer to have, but still the price is close to a couple of hundred bucks.

What About The Scent Of The Aroma Magic Moisturizer For

With a lot of the moisturizing lotions I have used in the past they have a scent that drives me nuts. I cannot stand the over perfumed types of lotions and often find that the chemical based fragrance in some of them to break my hands out even worse.

The Aroma Magic brand and moisturizer is one that provides more of the natural flavors. This is coming from the fact that the scent is essential oils that are made from some of the better scents that are floral that I enjoy. These include patchouli, rose, and geranium which are all great scents that are calming and relaxing at the same time.

What else is great about the scents here is the scent is not overpowering. With some of the essential oil scents even, the smell tends to get overpowering. So I have to admit the balance here is perfect and not one that is going to smell horrible.

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Does This Almond Moisturizer Have Anything Extra

Okay, I have found that a lot of the moisturizers that are on the market tend to not have anything extra added into them. However, the Aroma Magic brand has the added benefit of sunscreen. Granted, it is not the massive sunscreen that you would expect with some of the other brands or a specific sunscreen, but it does have an SPF 15 protection built into the lotion.

When you do use this lotion it is going to not only provide the sun protection you may need, which can lead to your skin drying out more, it does more than that. The moisturizer even works on getting the moisture put back into your hands, but also will rejuvenate your skin and make it feel smooth. This means you do not have the crocodile type of skin anymore and start to feel better about your skin again.

I know with my own experience with moisturizing lotions that my skin does tend to feel softer and not cracked anymore. The supple and smooth feeling of my skin then makes it easier for me to use my hands without having to deal with the horrible pain that comes from the cracking of the skin.

Ingredients In The Aroma Magic

The best part that I found is the brand tends to keep to the ingredients used in their products all natural. In fact, this one uses extracts from almond fruit and lotus leaf for the base of the product. The essential oils that were already mentioned, but also the oils of wheat germ and jojoba. All of these help with your skin and make it feel better than what you are normally getting with a product that is stocked full of chemical ingredients.

Use The Aroma Magic Moisturizer For Dry Skin

As you can imagine you will not really do anything different than normal with the moisturizer. All that you have to do is gently put the oil on your skin and rub it in. It is important if you want to avoid having the dried and cracking skin to look at setting up some type of regime to use the moisturizer on a daily basis. Once you do this your skin will start to feel better and it will not be as dry or cracking anymore.

A Drawback With The Aroma Magic Moisturizer

I hate to bring up some information that is a negative with the moisturizer, but it does not come about the product itself. Instead, it revolves more around hte packaging of the moisturizer which you are getting here. The moisturizer is a little bit on the thicker side and sometimes it is very difficult to ge out of the tube that you have.

My Final Thoughts

Finding a moisturizer that works and does not break out my sensitive skin is very difficult to do. I know for a lot of people they have the same issue I have, but also suffer from the dry skin in the middle of winter. Well, that is why I decided to share my Aroma Magic Moisturizer for dry skin review. My final conclusion is the fact that the lotion works nicely, but it is also a moisturizer that keeps my skin nice and soft. This alone leads me to say if you have the extra money and are tired from suffering from dry skin go ahead and give this a shot.

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