A professional boiler service is a manual inspection of your boiler or water heater’s working parts, performed by a Gas Safe registered engineer (UK), and is usually done once a year. It involves maintenance of your boiler’s parts and inspecting the unit for faults or issues.

During the inspection, the technician will follow a boiler service checklist and perform a series of checks to test the heater’s efficiency and, most importantly, its safety. Some smaller faults can be taken care of on the spot to prevent larger problems down the line.

Now that you know what a boiler service is generally, it’s time to dive into the details and explain exactly what is involved in a boiler service.

Can I Do a Plumbing Service Myself?

Despite the recent advances in technology and the enhanced plumbing and heating systems that are installed in modern homes, learning about the most common plumbing and heating issues is complicated. The fact is that if you tried a DIY service you would often face problems that can only be rectified by professional plumbers. In addition, there is both training practical experience, and an exam, needed in the UK to become a Gas Safe Engineer. However, in order to ensure that you are not overcharged the services being offered, it is advisable to have a basic knowledge about the issues that might hamper the smooth function of these systems.

What Is a Gas Safety Inspection?

During a gas safety inspection, a Gas Safe Registered engineer looks carefully at your gas pipes and appliances which use gas and looks for gas leaks. That is very important because a gas leak can cause fires or explosions. If you think you can smell gas, then you’ll need to call your emergency service provider immediately. During your gas safety check, your Gas Safe registered engineer will do a visual inspection of pipework and a tightness test to confirm there aren’t any gas leaks. Safe appliances always burn gas in a controlled way, but a faulty appliance or pipework may leak gas which can then be ignited, causing a fire or explosion.

Professional plumbers are plumbers that have been working in the gas and plumbing industry for many years. Their main scope of work is in the domestic . They must be a Gas Safe Registered (Natural & LPG gas) for plumbing and heating company, experienced with all types of systems including:
boilers – installations, boiler repair, boiler servicing boiler fault finding new radiators radiator replacement full central heating installations power flushing landlord gas safety inspection checks (Natural and LPG gas) gas leak repair gas hob installs cooker installs, plus safety checks unvented hot water cylinders.

Get a professional boiler repair service right away

People really don’t realise why they need a boiler service. It is done for both safety reasons and for boiler efficiency. The most significant factor of cost for any heating system is the efficiency of your boiler. Most of the time a wasteful inefficient boiler will still work to provide comfort to the numerous homes and apartments. But without regular servicing and maintenance, it will waste gas and that will cost you money. Servicing catches problems early. It will keep boiler repairs to a minimum and also a simple boiler service can keep at-bay a complete breakdown of your boiler, or even the dangerous leakage of fatal gases. Most of us think that the money we spend on boiler services is not an essential one but professionals recommend to service your boiler for every twelve months. Plus, if you are a UK landlord then it will be a legal requirement to obtain a certificate of inspection for every property you let out.

As we have mentioned earlier, any professional heating service company has a team of well-skilled and knowledgeable technicians. You can depend on them, and rest assured with their diagnostic and repair service will save you money and heating breakdowns. They can recognize the issue, analyze the root cause of the problem, and give you a flawless solution. Unlike when you do the boiler repair on your own (although the DIY’s might work first), you cannot resolve the root cause of it – and in the UK it is illegal anyway to touch gas pipes and systems without holding the right certificate.

If on the other hand, you are you feeling cold and uncomfortable during winter, because your boiler is not working properly, then you should go for a replacement or repair of the boiler. This is because, after several years of working an old one can’t work effectively as a new boiler can. In this situation, your energy bill also increases from the previous year even if the weather is warmer. Annual boiler servicing makes sense. It not only helps you to feel warm and comfortable during the winter season but also gives you the advantage of money-saving by reducing your energy bill.

An annual tune-up and of your furnace or boiler is as important to your plumbing and heating as your annual physical check-up from your Doctor is to your health. When you hire a plumbing company for scheduled annual furnace services, they should do much more than simply change parts and out your chimney. Many people opt to have their gas or oil company perform the annual . But the price can be higher than you need to pay. There are valid reasons, such as the service charge, to consider hiring an independent plumbing professional instead.

While looking after your home don’t forget that regular maintenance is also required to maintain your pipes and fixtures in good condition. They won’t provide the smooth and efficient distribution of water and/or gas in your home or office and for the appropriate disposal of sewage forever unless they are maintained. That’s why it is vital to hire a plumbing company to help you. Remember just one thing. Never ignore or postpone plumbing repairs or maintenance. The reason is that delaying the work may lead to bigger issues in the future.

There will be a time when you need to pick up the phone and call the professional plumbing services near you for any repairs and installations that you need for your house, office or business, in terms of the water system and pipelines. Only professionals can deal with such problems because they are the ones who are trained and licensed in doing so.

Come winter, and you start realizing the importance of boilers in your home. If you do not take proper maintenance care, chances are that the boiler will crash down in winter. In order to ensure smooth functioning, it’s important to take the machine for regular repair work. Only a professional plumber will be able to understand its faults and make necessary replacements.

Whether it is an emergency pipe leakage or dripping faucet repair, you need a quality plumber to do the repairs right. When choosing a plumber in your area, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Training and experience
the work of plumbers is now not restricted to just fixing leaks. They can find out why your water heater is not working, or re-install your plumbing. Whether it is a small or a big plumbing job, you should make sure the plumbing service you choose has extensively trained plumbers.

When your boiler stops working suddenly or encounters any problem, you should think of calling a boiler repair expert to fix the problem as soon as possible. These professionals are trained to repair all brands and models of boilers. They will conduct a thorough diagnostics of the system before making any statements of what can be the issue. It is important to do an inspection as it helps to gain as much information as possible to make the right diagnosis for you.

Don’t Wait Until You Need a Boiler Repair – Get It Serviced!

There are times when homeowners tend to ignore a loud cling or a faint rattling noise since we hesitate in coming to grips with the fact our heating system needs replacement. A cold winter season combined with a cold shower and no heating is a situation which you will never want to face. Opting for regular boiler servicing will provide you with advance warning of when a new installation or repair is your best option!.

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