Best Baby Food Blender For Under 50 Bucks

Best Baby Blender Under 50 Bucks

Best Baby Food Blender For Under 50 BucksI know that when you first have a baby, it is very hard to buy anything. In fact, most of the time you end up trying to figure out how you can eat, let alone afford something like a baby blender. I know this type of pain and that is why I decided to look for the best baby blender under 50 bucks. When I started looking for a baby blender on a budget, I knew it had to serve as a dual purpose blender, one you can use and one to make baby food. However, I also looked for the amount of food the blender could make, which can potentially save you hundreds of dollars each month.

Spotlight On The Hamilton Beach Blender and Chopper

This is the best model that I have found as a blender and chopper under 50 dollars. With this model, it does look very basic and that is actually what you need for a base blender for baby food. The blender provides all that is needed and it does it on a budget, but also since it is not specific to a smaller blender or even for the babies who you use the food for, this is large enough you can use for your own food as well.>

Introducing The Hamilton Beach 58149 Blender And Chopper


Hamilton Beach is one of the brands that people can find in almost any retail outlet. I know my local Walmart even carries this brand and exact model. You may be asking yourself how can a normal blender be used for baby food? The answer is a blender chops and purees the food you eat, but if you run it long enough it turns it into the mush type of food that your baby eats

A key thing to remember is to check the consistency of the food you blend to make sure it is consistent enough for your baby. A trick that I have learned as a parent is if the food is very thick to put a little bit of water in the food to thin it out some. With just a little bit of water being added into the food it does make it easier for your baby to eat.


Great Reasons The Hamilton Beach 58149 Is So Popular


Since you can find so many different cheap bleder for baby food available, you may start to ask what sets this model off from the other blenders. This is a quick list of why I found the Hamilton Beach 58149 as the best baby food blender for a budget.

  • Mess-free pour spout is on the lid. It seem to never fail that as soon as you start to pour you get the one bit that comes flying out making a mess. With the mess-free pour spout it is easy to pour and not worry about running out of paper towels up the mess.
  • Comes with a convenient chopper for you to use. While the blender does a good job of getting the food blended up, you will find the chopper will help you in getting the food ground up even more for your baby.
  • The wave action the Hamilton Beach blender offers is fairly unique to this model, but it helps ensure the food is going to be blended up properly.
  • Stainless still blades are a great feature. The stainless steel blades tend to remain sharper longer and do a better job of cutting through the food.
  • Has different speeds that are available for chopping the food up or even in blending different ingredients together.
  • Handwashing is something that most people avoid doing anymore because they have a dishwasher. Thankfully, this is a dishwasher safe blender for the parts that are exposed to food.
  • The brand name is one which you can trust. While a lot of people are not very trustworthy of the brand names, Hamilton Beach is one brand that I have never really had a lot of issues with so far.
  • I have had the issue in the past where the blenders would start to leak out the top. When it starts to leak out the top while blending it tends to make a huge mess. The Hamilton Beach blender here has a tight-fitting lid that keeps the food inside of the blender, instead of on your counter.
Hamilton Beach 040094581498 2-In-1 700-Watts Blender with Chopper Attachment

Hamilton Beach 040094581498 2-In-1 700-Watts Blender with Chopper Attachment

From Hamilton Beach, this 040094581498 BlenderChef is two appliances in one with 700 Watts of peak power: a 12 Speed Blender with 40 oz. dishwasher safe DuraBlend jar and a three cup capacity Food Chopper. Its patented Wave-Action system provides a smooth blend and, with the Stainless Steel Ice Sabre blades, ice chunks are eliminated.

Accessories Included With The Hamilton Beach 58149


The blender here is very basic, which means it does not have all the bells and whistles as an accessory. However, the blender does include several different accessories which are very basic, but help make the blender work better than what you imagined.

Included Accessories

  • 5 Cup glass jar for the blender.
  • 3 Cup chopping bowl for the chopper.
  • 2 Speeds for the blender base.

As you probably have already figured out, you can use the blender for other purposes outside of baby food. What else will help you out, is you can buy additional accessories for the blender. This means you will be able to expand the usability of the blender to more of what you want to have.


Best Baby Food Blender For A Budget

Okay, I have provided quite a bit of information on the Hamilton Beach model that I really like for affordability and the ease of use. At the same time, though, I know that you can find other models that definitely are cheaper. Honestly, for my first child the budget was so tight I used a plastic hand crank grinder. Those do work, but if you get into harder to grind foods it becomes nearly impossible to get them ground up properly. Overall, though, I think if you are looking for the best baby food blender for under 50 bucks it is rather affordable and you cannot really go wrong with the Hamilton Beach 58149 model.

The Hamilton Beach Two-Speed Blender with Food Chopper Model# 58149 is a very handy addition for your kitchen. Designed with the revolutionary wave-action system, it continuously pulls the mixture down into the blades for smooth results every time. This stainless steel blender is built with a mess-free spout for easy pouring. Also, there are no more ice chunks formed while in use since it has a robust 700-watt motor for fine crushing. This dishwasher-safe blender is nice to have for vegetables, nuts, salsa and much more. Use it to make some delicious smoothies or milk shakes for the family to enjoy.

Hamilton Beach 2-Speed Blender with Food Chopper Model # 58149:

Hamilton Beach 58149 Video

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