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Best Kitchen Garbage Cans

Best Kitchen Garbage Cans To Avoid Cat Messes

Selecting the best kitchen garbage cans should be easy. However, a lot of times people are going to struggle because of the number of cans that are available for them to select from. Here is my buying guide to help you in finding the best kitchen garbage cans around to help you in selecting the best can for your kitchen.

How I Prepared The Best Five

Sifting Through The Data

The list that I have prepared has taken about a week to assemble. Yes, a week for garbage cans may seem like it is a long time, which I can honestly tell you it was a chore. However, I know that everyone deserves to find the best garbage can possible and this is only done if I do my homework right and find the factors people consider when getting a garbage can, which I found by reading reviews, forums, and asking on Facebook. I can tell you the discussions I had on Facebook about that was very interesting! Heck, one person even asked since I was asking so much if I wanted a garbage can for Christmas, everyone seemed to enjoy that one. However, it did help me in coming up with an extensive list of features people want to have and I figured those would be the factors that I would consider when writing this for you.

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DZT-50-9 Overview


The Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Infrared Touchless garbage can is one of the best on the market. In my research I have found multiple pros with this garbage can and thought I would share them here.

Seals Odors In – With most garbage cans they only get emptied when nothing else can be shoved in. This often leads to quite a few odors being present. However, with this model it locks in the odors and keeps the kitchen smelling great.  

Prevents The Spread Of Germs – Since this can uses infrared technology for an automatic opening of the lid you do not have to worry about exposing yourself to any of the germs that are present in your garbage.


Anti Fingerprint Stainless Steel – How many times have you had your garbage can look like it could be a police station finger print kit? Well with this can you do not have to worry about the can getting finger prints because of the stainless steel. 


Long Battery Life – Nothing is worse than having your hands full of only to have your garbage can not open on you. This is when you should know you can use this model and enjoy the long battery life that is present. 


Helps Disabled Individuals – Often when people are disabled they typically need to have help in getting their garbage in the can. However, what you will enjoy here is you are going to have a sensor that automatically opens the can for you. 


On/off Switch Inside Can – This is both a pro and a con. This is a pro because it allows you to put the can flush with the wall, but a con because it can cover up the switch with garbage. 


High Sensor  – People with pets will love this one. If you buy this can you will not have to worry about your pets walking by the can and having it open on them automatically.


Has A Plastic Ring Inside The Can – The garbage bags for whatever reason always tend to fall down into the can. With this model the can comes with a plastic ring that holds the bag in place to keep the can clean all the time. 


As with any product you can buy it is easy to find different drawbacks of the product. Even with garbage cans this is seen as some of the cans are downright horrible. Here are some of the cons I have found with the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 can.

Cannot Use An Electric Cord – Using an electric cord is something you may want to do to help save your batteries. However, you will find this model does not allow you to use an electric cord to help you save your battery life. 


Requires C Batteries – Now this is something that should be expected to have to buy batteries. However, what you probably were not expecting is having to buy C cell batteries which is one of the least common batteries in the stores. 


Battery Cover Can Wear Out – Since you do not typically have to get the batteries out often you are going to need to know the battery cover can wear out. When this happens you need to realize the replacement battery cover is available, but cost is questionable.

 iTouchless Deodorizer Touch-Free Sensor Overview


Garbage cans stink and their is typically not a lot you can do about the smell. However, here are the pros of a garbage can that claims to take care of the smells for you.

Takes Care Of The Odors – This garbage can comes equipped with a 3-D carbon filter gate. Not only does it have this filter gate, but it also has a deodorizer that is going to help in taking care of the odors that people have in their garbage can.


Larger Opening – If you are like me you do not have small garbage to throw away all the time. Instead, you probably have garbage of all different sizes and most of the cans are going to have an opening so small you cannot get any garbage in them. This can has an oversized opening and this means you can finally put all of your garbage in the can. 


Air Holes For Easier Bag Removal – You know how it is pulling the bag out it is nearly impossible to do. With this garbage can you have the air holes that make it easy for you to pull out the garbage bag. 


Has Optional AC Power Source – Unlike some of the other garbage cans that have some type of power, this can has an optional AC adapter. 


Long Lifespan of Deodorizer – Most of the time this can is going to have a deodorizer that will last for up to 3 months. So you do not have to change it out on a regular basis. 


Long Life Span Of Can – When I was reading some of the reviews that are present a lot of people were talking about how long the can has lasted them. So you do not have to be concerned about the can wearing out on you after just a few short months. 


Self Opening Lid – With this lid that is opening on its own, you are going to avoid getting your hands dirty with the garbage or even having to balance everything while getting the lid opened.


Has a Cinch Ring – With this cinch ring you are going to find it is going to keep your bags in place. So you do not have to be concerned about the bag slipping down into the garbage can.


With the iTouchless Deodorizer garbage can you will find the can does have some drawbacks. Here are three of those drawbacks to help you make a fair choice in the model you have decided to go with.

Very Sensitive Sensor – The sensor with the iTouchless has been regarded as being very sensitive. In fact, one complaint was the sensor was so sensitive it would open and close on its own.


Motor Starts To Get Weak – Something else that people have complained about is the motor can start to get weak over time. Now a lot of the complaints I seen were complaining about the motor getting weak several years after constant use, so I would not really consider that as being a major concern.


Battery Door Can Break Off – This is a major problem because when the battery door does break off it will often lead to the batteries falling out. However, people have found a replacement door online. 

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can is the perfect kitchen trash can. Simply place your hand into the sensor zone and the lid will open automatically and no touching needed! Trash odors are absorbed and neutralized by the Natural Carbon Odor Filter system.


Wooden Wood Kitchen Trash Bin Overview


The pros of the Wooden wood kitchen trash bin is quite interesting. You will quickly find these are going to help you out quite a bit in making a decision. Here are what I find as some of the major pros of this garbage can that you can use to help you in making a decision.

Made From Solid Wood – I know that a lot of times when you are shopping for a garbage can you are going to find a variety of stainless steel options or plastic cans. However, when you are looking at this model you will quickly see it is made of solid wood. This means it will last you quite a bit longer than what you would expect to see. 


Uses A Dark Walnut Stain – Typically when you are looking at these cans you are going to find that you are going to have a dark stain that will fit into your kitchen. So you do not have to be concerned about the can sticking out in your kitchen.


Uses 13 Gallon Bag  – Often when you buy a specialty can like this you will find they are going to use a different sized bag than normal. However, with this can it allows you to have the normal garbage bags you are used to buying.


Beautiful Look – This is hard to hear about with a garbage can, but you will quickly find it is going to be one of the most beautiful cans around. So you do not have to worry about the can being horrible looking.


Easy To Use – Something else you will enjoy with the can is how easy it is to use. You may have never thought about this before, but when you are using this can you will see it is easy to use and even has a clip to keep the bag from slipping down. 


Easy To Clean – With the wooden can you will find that it is very easy for you to clean up. You may not think about a garbage can as being easy to clean up, but you will quickly see all you need is some furniture polish to clean the can up.


Hand Constructed – Since these are constructed by hand they are going to last for a longer period of time. However, you will quickly find that these are going to let you get the proper connection with the person making the piece to guarantee it last. 


Can Match Your Cabinets – When you are looking at your cabinets you will often see your garbage can stands out. However, you will find that the solid wooden can will match your garbage can more than what you think anything else can. 


As nice as this can is, you will find some drawbacks to the can. However, with these drawbacks it is very minimal and this makes it hard to come up with some as the can does have a 5 star rating.

Wood Can Take Stain Differently – Since this is going to be a stained wooden can, you will find that the can can take on the stain differently. So you will need to be mindful of this because some of the wood may not be uniform like you would expect to see. 


Can Seems To Be Short – If you are like my husband you are probably rather tall. However, you will find that with this can it is very hard to use because it is only 26 inches tall. So the height issue can be a problem at times for some people to cope with, if you are like my husband. 


Only Stained Wood Inside – Now this is not that big of a deal because it is stained, but it is still wood. So you will find the wood may absorb some of the odors over time. However, with the wood you probably will not be putting in major table scrapes so this will help you in getting to keep your can around for a longer period of time. 

simplehuman Slim Open Can

The simplehuman can is a nice can and it does have quite a few positives for you to know about. Here are some of the pros that you will want to know about before you make a choice on which can you should buy.

Large Capacity – With this can you will find that it is going to have a larger capacity than some of the cans that you are buying. However, you will quickly find that you need to use this can if you have a larger family and plan on using it on a regular basis. 


Open Top Design – With this open design you will quickly find that it is going to make it easy for you to take and put trash into the can, 


Slim Shape Helps Save Space – Keeping your space open is going to be a key factor for your home. However, what you need to realize is with this can you will have the slim opening you may not want to have.. 


Top Cover Is High – With a higher top cover you will find that it is going to help you in covering up all the garbage that normally would be hanging over the can. So you will be able to protect your dignity of your home because of the way the can is going to cover everything up. 


Uses Regular Garbage Bags – Garbage bags are expensive and I know for me it is nearly impossible to afford to buy the garbage bags on a regular basis, especially if they are a unique size. With this model, though, it uses the regular garbage bags. 


Sleek Design Allows It To Fit Easily – I am sure you have seen some of the garbage cans that stick out like a sore thumb. However, what a lot of people have noticed with this can is it does have a slim look and will fit easily into any of the areas that people want to put the can in.


Top Of Can Holds Bag In Place – Now I have dealt with some garbage cans, even my current can and it cannot hold the bag in place allowing it to slip down into the can. With this model, if you put the top on properly it will hold the bag in place and keep it from slipping down. 


Easy For Elderly To Use – One reviewer posted this, and I have to admit it does seem like a major pro. When the elderly are trying to throw garbage away, they can get frustrated when they are dealing with a garbage can. However, with the can here and the open top it will help the elderly throw the garbage away quickly and easily. 


As with any product you are going to find quite a few cons. I know that with this can it is going to be limited in the cons, but they are still present and here are some of the cons that you will find.

Not Watertight – This is a con that I have seen and it has had varied information on what is present. I know that when this review that I read was written, it was in February of 2014 so it could have changed by now.


Bits Of Food Can Collect On Lid Lip – This is an issue that I have seen online and it is something that you may want to consider. With this can I have read some reviews from Amazon that are talking about how the stainless steel lip curves down into the can. However, this is going to allow the food to get stuck on the lip and require frequent cleaning.


Does Not Control Stinky Odors – If you are really putting stinky items into the can, you know the ones that create a ton of odors you will find the can is going to stink. So you should take this into consideration because of the open top on the can.


Suncast GHW1732

Out of all the garbage cans that I have profiled so far, this is the can that I find the least attractive. I know that for me this can does have quite a few pros, but for a kitchen setting it just would not work out for me so I have ranked this as my fifth favorite kitchen garbage can. 

Has A Latching Lid – Typically when you have a garbage can you will want to keep it closed each time you are done using it. With this can, you are going to find it will latch down, which means you can put stuff in the can and know it is going to stay in the can.


Has A Stay Dry Design – This is a good can that you can put outside on your deck if you wanted to. In fact, some of the recommendations are listed as a great patio can. However, this can has a design that is meant to keep everything dry and ready to go.


Solid Bottom Panel Helps Protect Bags – I know this is important when you plan on having a can on the porch, but with the solid panels here you do not have to worry about your bag falling out of the bottom of the can either. 


Looks Great – This is a great pro to consider. With this great look, even with the look that it looks like it belongs outside, it will be perfect inside of your home. So you do not have to be concerned about it not looking like it fits into your kitchen.


Extremely Easy To Put Together – When you are looking at this can you may think it is going to take you all day to put together. However, you are going to find out that it is actually very easy to put together and this will help you in getting your can put together quickly and easily. 


Dog Proof Trash Can – How many times have you had to pick up trash on the garbage can? I know that when I leave garbage in the can I want it to stay there. However, my dogs like it as well, but in reading the reviews here, I find the can does a great job of keeping the dogs out of the can. 


Uses Larger Garbage Bags – With this garbage can you are going to find it is going to hold the larger garbage bags that you can buy from the store. These larger bags are going to help keep you from having to clean out the garbage bag every day and since these are the 30 gallon bags they often will keep the garbage for a couple of days. 


Heavy Duty Construction – Just because this can looks great, it does not mean that the can is going to be easy to break. Instead, a lot of times you will find this can is going to be very well constructed and not break apart when you put them through some abuse.  

The cons that are present with this can are few, but they are cons that you will want to look for. Since this is going to be true you will want to make sure you are aware of these cons to guarantee you do not make a mistake when you order the can.

Bag Gets Stuck Inside Of Can – When you go to change out your garbage can you are going to find that it is very hard to do with this can. The bag can get torn on the sides of the can and this can lead to garbage leaking out if you are not careful.


Lightweight For Outdoor Use – You may have never thought about this, but in the kitchen it will be okay for use. However, with the lightweight you are going to find that it is too light to be outside because of the wind that will blow it all over the yard.


Small Opening On Top – This is an issue that I read about with some of the reviewers on Amazon. They often complained that the opening was rather small and made it nearly impossible for them to get the garbage into the can. 


Can Appearance Is A Deciding Factor

Stainless Steel vs Plastic


Okay, I know that a lot of people are going to want to know what their main deciding factor should be. When you are looking at the garbage cans you will find the cans that are stainless steel will have a better look than what you think and keep the garbage can looking great. However, you will find the plastic cans are cheaper and easier to use.


If you plan on hosting any parties or having friends over on a regular basis, though, you will want to make sure the can is going to look great. When you have this it is going to keep your home looking great and this is going to make it easier for you to host parties. You will also find the stainless steel is going to be easier to clean for your home.


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