Kitchen Trash Can Buyers Guide

Quick Buyers Guide For Garbage Cans

Kitchen Trash Can Buyers GuideWhile buying a garbage can may seem like it is straightforward,  but with a little bit of advice, you can easily find the best garbage can for your needs. Here you will be able to find the best garbage can for your needs and know that you can finally throw away your garbage and not be concerned about it creating any issues for you over time. Without this buyers guide you could struggle to find the best can or even worse end up disappointed with the can you select.

Cost Of The Garbage Can

The cost of the garbage can is important for you to know about. This is going to help you know how much money you have to save up for the can or if you can easily buy the can. Normally, people do not want to spend a fortune on a garbage can if it is in a room that is not visited that often, like a private bathroom. However, if the can is staying in the front room or a heavily trafficked area, then people tend to want to have a more expensive can that looks nice and is durable compared to what they are used to seeing in other areas of the home.

Size Of The Garbage Can

The size of the garbage can has an impact on how much garbage the cans hold. At the same time, though, this makes a difference in how often you have to change out the bags. The larger the can the larger the bag, which means less changes. At the same time, though, if you have a larger can it means you have to set aside a larger space for the can to fit into. What else this means is you may have a can that you do not really like because it is large. The smaller the can, the less it holds, but at the same time it means it is easier to fit into smaller spaces.

When you do look at the size of the can make sure you consider the room you are putting the can in. The smaller the can it tends to fit in tighter spaces and usually will fit for a bathroom or laundry room. A larger can often tend to be suited for a kitchen or an area where a lot of garbage is generated or people tend to throw away a lot more garbage than what they do in other rooms of the home.

Spotlight On The simplehuman 16 Gallon Swing Can


This is what most people will consider as a traditional style garbage can. This is a can that has the swing lid, which can be a good thing if your hands are full and you want to get the garbage thrown out. However, you will find that the can is also going to help keep all of your garbage contained.

Something else you will enjoy with this can is the fact that its lid is in the center. Since the lid with the swing portion is in the middle of the lid, you are going to be able to get the lid open from either side of the can and this will help ensure you do not make any messes. Now because of the lid you will find that it is going to be easy to get food smeared on the top of the lid if you are not careful.

Finally, you will enjoy the fact that this can is going to help you in getting to enjoy the fact that the assembly is very easy to do. All you have to do most of the time is just put the lid on and this is going to help people in getting to start to use the can really quickly.

Locking System On The Lid

Pets are the main reason why people need to have a locking lid . When you have pets they often will find the garbage can to be one of the most interesting parts of the house, outside of the kitchen. Since that is the case and since you want to keep your dogs or cats out of the can the locking system will do just that. You just have to make sure the locking system is one that you are able to live with and handle or you could have some problems in using the can because it locks and does not unlock easily or vice versa when it unlocks easily and barely locks.

Does It Have An Opening Mechanism

With the opening mechanisms, you will find it is going to automatically open the garbage can for you. These mechanisms are a lot easier to work than what you think, but generally, require some form of outside power to use. With that being the case find out if their is an opening mechanism, how it works, but also how easy it is for the mechanism to be triggered if it is one that opens with a sensor. For example, the electronic or motion sensor styles it could get set off by your pets or even someone walking by. So make sure you look at how sensitive the mechanism or sensor is you are planning on using.

Ease Of Cleaning

Sadly not everyone takes care to get the garbage right in the can or avoid messes on the can. When the cans get messy, it tends to detract from the look of the can and even the chance of people using the can. So when you are looking at the various cans consider how easy they are to clean when they do get messy. For example, a wooden can may need polished to keep clean, but a smaller metal can require a stainless steel cleaner. What would really be a catch is some of the cans with a sensor might need the sensor eye cleaned for them to work properly for the life of the can.

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