Compare The Nine Stars Bin To The iTouchless Deodorizer Can

Feed the PandaLooking at all of the variety of cans that are on the market can be confusing. I know this from experience because I have looked at quite a few of them while picking out the best ones for the reviews. This information is key in helping you may a choice between the top two garbage cans on the market. I know with this information you can finally make an educated choice on which of these top two bins are the best in the market.

Features Of The Nine Stars DZT-50-9


Quite often you will want to know about the features of a product before you buy it. Here are the features of the Nine Stars DZT-50-9 that will help you make up your mind.

  • With this garbage can you will find it is going to help in locking in the smells of the trash that you have put inside of it.
  • Includes a ring that is going to help keep the garbage bag in place, instead of having it fall down into the can.
  • Energy saving features to make the battery in the can last 20% longer than most of the cans.
  • Has a manual opening option for you to use if the battery dies and you are not stocked with batteries.
  • Outside of the can is easy to clean with a spray and paper towels.
  • The Nine Stars DZT-50-9 does come with a one year warranty.
  • If the ring does break, you can easily buy a new ring from the Nine Stars company.
  • Has a fully opening lid that makes it easy for you to store all of your garbage.
  • Made to use with a basic 13 gallon garbage bag.
  • Usually is very resistant to any fingerprints being kept on the steel lid of the can.

Features Of iTouchless Deodorizer


With the iTouchless deodorizer garbage can, you are going to find quite a few features to enjoy. Here are some of the features that I found the most enjoyable for the user and this can help enhance your experience.

  • Has a carbon filter grate, that is going to help filter out any of the smells that are coming out of the garbage can.
  • Comes with one of the carbon filters for you to use and make sure the filter is changed without having to get a new filter.
  • Air escape holes that make it easy for you to get the garbage bag out of the can.
  • Stands 3 feet tall with the lid full opened up.
  • Can be used to hold dirty diapers in it, without the stink of diapers coming out.
  • Is completely compatible with some of the AC power plugs, which can save battery life.
  • Square shape that allows you to easily put it into a different place each time.
  • Can wash the can itself, but has to wash the lid with just paper towels.
  • Smell does not leak out when you have the can open.
  • Can easily walk by the can without the lid being opened up.

iTouchless 13 Gallon Stainless Steel Sensor Trash Can is the perfect kitchen trash can. Simply place your hand into the sensor zone and the lid will open automatically and no touching needed! Trash odors are absorbed and neutralized by the Natural Carbon Odor Filter system.

How They’re The Same


You will notice that these two cans may seem like the have some features that are the same or very similar. I have to agree and thought I would share some of those shared features here for you to enjoy.

Both of these products are touchless in the sense the lid is going to open up when you activate the sensor. So you do not have to worry about getting trash all over your hand.

Extended battery life is another aspect that these two cans share in common. You may not think about this, but both of these cans, depending on use, will have the batteries that are going to last for a couple of years.

Can be opened manually if the batteries go dead or if the cans start act up.

Both of the cans are going to be able to use the standard 13 gallon garbage bag, which means you do not have to buy any specialized garbage bags.

With these cans, you are going to find both of them are offering a bag liner, which will help you in getting to keep the bag in place.

How They’re Different


As with any product that is made by two competing companies you are going to find some differences. Here are five of the differences that I have found with these two trash cans.

With the Nine Stars can, it does not have a deodorizer. Since this is not present, like it is in the iTouchless system, it is easy for the can to start to stink over time. 

The Nine Stars can is going to require 3 C size batteries, but the iTouchless system is going to use only D size batteries.

For the Nine Stars can the design is an oval in design. The iTouchless can is typically square in its shape or very close to being a full square. 

One of the cans, the iTouchless can, contains air holes in the bag holder which makes it easier to replace the bag. The Nine Stars DZT-50-9 does not have air holes and can make it difficult to replace the bag.

For the Nine Stars model, the stainless steel is resistant to the fingerprints that are commonly left on a can, but the iTouchless still can get fingerprints.


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Empty pizza boxes belong in a trash can, but most of the time they're sitting next to the trash can because it is impossible to fit in a regular sized can. With the new extra wide opening (12.5 inches) HX model trash can, order all the pizza you want! On top of that, the automatic opening lid cover lets you continue to eat because you won't need to touch the dirty lid in order to throw something away. This touchless trash can is also equipped with Advanced Seal 2 technology, providing sealed Pick it up from Best Buy!

Should You Buy The Nine Stars DZT-50-9 Or The iTouchless Deodorizer


Now you are probably trying to figure out if you should buy the Nine Stars model or the iTouchless. Well this really is going to depend on your situation. Since each persons situation is different here is when you should buy the Nine Stars model.

With the Nine Stars model you will want to get this can when you are going to be working on using the can only for an opening lid. This lid is going to be able to make it easy for you to get the trash thrown out. However, you will also find the lid is going to close down on its own and help you in getting the odors sealed in. Since this is working like this, it will work out perfect for disabled or elderly people.

The iTouchless is another can that you will want to consider. However, this can is going to be meant more for people who have trash that has really be considered stinky. You know who you are, don’t try to hide it. You know the parent who has had to rush through meals in hopes that the kids eat the food only to have it start to have a smell drifting from the garbage can a week later. However, you could also be the new parent who has more diapers than what you imagine possible and this is going to be smelling up your home. So the iTouchless is going to be more for parents with kids who tend to throw away food that they do not like or want to get rid of.

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