Best Single Serve Coffee Makers For People On The Go

Drinking coffee is something millions of Americans and people all over the world do at least once a day. However, with the world today it seems people are always rushing out the door and never really taking the time to get a drink and sit down with their family for breakfast. Since people are rushing, they need to know more about the best single serve coffee makers for people who are on the go. When people know about these coffee makers, they will have a chance to make their cup of coffee and head out the door, but depending on the machine they may even have a chance to sit down and talk to their kids in the morning.

How I Narrowed Down My List

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I have to admit, I was really taken aback when I started to look at the brands and models. I never would have thought their were so many different coffee makers on the market, let alone so many of them thinking they were the best brand around. However, after spending countless hours of research, I found what I feel are the best five coffee makers for people on the go. These are the makers that you will want to consider because of their quality, brand reliability, and the positive reviews other people have had with the products. Hopefully you agree with the selection I have made and hopefully one of these brands will suit your needs perfectly.

Comparison Table To Help You Out

product namedrink optionsspeedespresso optionheight adjustmentheated water optioncan handle various coffeesadjustable size of cupscostaverage
de’longhi america en750mbsix drink options40 secondsyesnoyescapsule styleno$$$$$4.6 out of 5
mr. coffee bvmc-kg2fbsingle75 secondsnoyesyesk-cupsno$$4.3 out of 5
keurig® platinum k75singleunder 60 secondsnoyesyesk-cupsyes$$$4.5 out of 5
breville bkc700xl5 brew strengthsnot reportednoyesyesk-cupsyes$$$3.4 out of 5
bosch tas4702ucsingleunder 60 secondsnoyesyestassimo discsyes$4.0 out of 5


The Five Best Coffee Makers

Overview Of The De’Longhi Lattissima Pro EN750

The De’Longhi is a brand that many people in America do not really follow. However, I found it to be a quality brand with quite a few positives, so I thought I would present you with the positives of this maker here.

Can Creat Authentic Italian Coffee – When you are trying to get some great coffee, you know the Europeans have it made. With this maker it allows you to produce the same type of coffee you could get at a cafe in Rome. 

LED Screen – I know so many of the coffee makers just use a regular light for their display screens, which can make it hard to see, this model uses an LED screen that makes it easier for you to get the screen set up right. 

Foam  – The foam that I am talking about here is more along what you would get as some of the coffee shops like Starbucks. The foam is the lighter and often fluffier part that tends to be floating like air.  

Auto Cleaning Milk Carafe – This is a nice feature for you to see. I know that if you are like me, you hate cleaning your coffee maker. With this feature, it will clean itself and makes it easier for you to enjoy your coffee quickly. 

Easily Dispense Hot Water – I know that with some of the coffee makers, it is impossible to get just hot water. However, with this model you can easily get some hot water and know it will provide you with the perfect cup of tea.

Easy To Use  – Push button design is a plus you will find. When you have this type of design, it is easy for you to get the machine programmed and ready to make your cup of coffee. 

Heats Super Quick – Nothing is worse than when you are standing in the kitchen and have to wait on your coffee. With this machine, it quickly heats your milk, water, or whatever you are trying to heat.

Appearance – This machine has a great look to it. When you have this great look, you know it will look great in your kitchen and give it the strong appearance you want it to have. 

While the machine does have plenty of positives, as you can see above, it is not always good. Here are some of the negatives that I had to dig hard to find.

Default Setting Is For Small Drinks – Making a cup of coffee or espresso, you often want to have your own size made without having to do a lot of adjustments. However, when you look at this machine it has a default setting for the smallest cups possible. 

Creates Quite A Bit Of Foam – Normally you will find your milk frother will produce some foam. However, you will find this machine tends to make quite a bit of foam, which may not be useful for your drink. 

Low Temperature Of The Milk – You probably know that you have to get your milk to a certain temperature for your lattes to taste good. However, you will find the De’Longhi has a very low temperature setting and this may not make your milk warm enough. 

Buy The De’Longhi Lattissima Pro EN750

Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2 Overview

Mr. Coffee is a brand that people will recognize for the name value. However, they are fairly new, at least what I have seen, with these styles of makers. Here are some of the pros I discovered with my research for the perfect maker. 

Uses The Keurig Brewing Technology – As we mention later on Keurig has become the industry standard here. With this machine, it is using the technology from Keurig to make the great brewers. 

Drip Tray Can Be Removed – Larger cups are a pain to use with a single cup coffee maker. This can be a problem because most of the travel mugs are larger, which you will want to use. So you will want to make sure have a drip tray that can be removed. 

Uses The K-Cups – K-Cups are something you will find to provide you with numerous choices of coffee. When you use this coffee maker you will quickly find it has plenty of brands of coffee available because it uses the K-cups already. 

Speed Of Brewing – Speed is important when you are on the go and with the Mr. Coffee, it tends to brew most of the cups of coffee in under 75 seconds or so. 

Size Is Important – Size is important when you are looking at the single serve coffee makers. With this coffee maker, it will fit into your office perfectly or under the counter top. 

Easy To Fill Water Tank – Some of the coffee makers are a huge pain because you have to work hard at getting the water in the maker. So you will find this as a relief because you will have the tank available to fill in. 

Water Does Not Sit For Days – This is a true single serve coffee maker, to the point you can add in water to the machine from your cup. Then you just have to brew your cup and know it will be exactly what you want to have, without the water sitting in the machine. 

Beautiful Design – Having a coffee maker that fits your build is a good thing. However, you will quickly find this machine has a beautiful design that will suit your kitchen or office perfectly. 

Just like the De’Longhi model, the Mr. Coffee model has some drawbacks as well. Those are what will be covered in this section of the article.

Noisy – Some people have complained about how noisy the machine is. However, if you are like me you will enjoy the fact that you know when your coffee is done. 

Can Start To Leak Over Time – This is a problem that I seen reported by several people, but out of all the reviews this was not a common complaint. 

Can Change Brewing Amounts – Sometimes people have reported of only getting a half cup or even more coffee. So you will want to make sure you keep an eye on your coffee maker to guarantee it is giving you the right amount of coffee each time. 

Purchase The Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2FB

Keurig® Platinum K75 Overview

The Keurig is a model of coffee maker that has made what seems like a major modernization to the coffee world. It is a great machine and has many positives. Here you will find some of the positives the Keurig can offer to you.

Quiet Brew Technology – As was mentioned, with the Mr. Coffee machine, the noise can be loud. Since this can be so loud, you will love this machine because it comes with the quiet  brew technology, which means it is not going to distract you from your other work.

Microprocessor Controlled Technology – This technology is something you will really love to take advantage of. When you see this technology you will find it allows you to have the coffee brewed in just a matter of seconds. 

Cup Size Choice – This is something you do not really think about at first, but you will want to have a different size of coffee available to you depending on what you are doing. 

Allows You To Use Your Own Coffee – If you are not wanting to buy any of the K-Cups, you will enjoy the feature that this machine still allows you to use your own coffee. So you do not have to be limited to the selection of coffee the K-cups offer.

Drip Tray Can Be Removed – The drip tray is a great feature if you are not planning on removing it. However, you may find with larger cups it is a real pain to get them under the maker. Which is why you will want to have the drip tray that can be removed. 

Can Be Used To Brew Iced Tea – Iced tea is a great drink to have, but what you need to realize is 

Has A  – Most of the coffee machines people use do not have a coffee filter. However, with this machine you will find it does have a charcoal based that is supposed to last sixty days. 

Convenience – This is something that I seen in quite a few of the reviews of the product. Most of the reviews talked about how easy it was to use the maker and have a great drink right away. 

I know that the new models of Keurig have some drawbacks, but even here this model has some drawbacks and those are covered here.

Discontinued Model – Unfortunately this is a model that has been discontinued. So you may have a harder time in finding parts for the machine, but if you can still snag the machine it is well worth the cost. 

Plastic Taste In Early Cups – This is a complaint that some people have complained about. However, if you start to use the machine on a regular basis, the taste goes away and you are back to your normal tasting coffee. 

Can Be Expensive Over Time – With this machine, you will find the K-cups can be costly over time, but if you only drink a cup of coffee at a time it is easy for you to afford to drink coffee from this machine. 

Order The Keurig® Platinum K75

Overview Of The Breville BKC700XL

This is a brand that I included because it was not a brand that was common with the others. So this is a different brand, but it is one that I did enjoy reading about and sharing the pros with you here.

Quiet Pump Technology – This is a great positive because you do not have to be concerned about the noise waking up your kids when you are making a cup of coffee.

LCD Control Panel – You may not think about this being a major pro, but this actually is a huge plus. In fact, with the control panel, you will not have as bad of a shock on your eyes at night. 

Charcoal  – A charcoal is a great feature. While the water you are getting in from the tap is nice, it is nearly impossible for it to be completely chemical free. With the filter, it takes and removes even more of the particles from the water.

Option To Make Iced Beverages – This is a great option since so many of the coffee makers only make hot water beverages. With this model, you will find the maker can make iced drinks for you to enjoy. 

Showerhead Design – Okay, I have to admit when I first read this I was kind of worried that they put a showerhead on a coffee maker. However, I quickly found it was not that, it is the design pattern of the head, which optimizes the amount of coffee you get. 

Uses The K-Cups – The K-cups are easily one of the most recognized coffees around. However, with this popularity people will find the machines have started to use the K-cups and this allows you to have a wide selection of coffee.

Attractive Look For The Kitchen – Okay, I know that almost all of these are made to look attractive, but you will find these have that special look to them that will make it look great all the time. 

Can Use The Reusable K-Cup – This is a great feature because sometimes you just want to make your own cup of coffee. I know this is something I really like, but a lot of the single serve machines do not let you use your own coffee, but this maker is different and does allow you to use your own coffee. 

To be fair, I have listed cons with all the other models and this is no different so here are the cons you will find here.

Sometimes Malfunctions After Short Time Frame – Now this is a common problem that I read about on the Internet and it is something that is concerning for a lot of reasons. Some people were commenting that the machine lasted a couple of months, but these were only a couple of reports out of all of the reviews online. 

Breville Does Not Have After Hours Support – A problem with the machine can usually be addressed by customer service professionals. However, what you need to realize is Breville, at the time of reading some of the reviews did not have an after hours support number. 

Shuts Down Unexpectedly – This is an issue you do not want to have to deal with, but it is a problem that is reported. So if you want to have a machine that is extremely reliable, you may find this machine is not the best option for you. 

Buy Your Own Breville BKC700XL

 Bosch Tassimo TAS4702UC  Overview

I honestly thought Bosch had stopped making coffee makers because I do not really see them in the store anymore. However, I found this model which seems to be doing really well. Here you will find the positives of this coffee maker.

Has A Noise Reduction System – Now you may not think about this, but with the noise reduction system you will still have noise, but it is not as loud. 

Ability To Make Six Different Drinks – Making drinks is a good thing, but you will find this machine allows you to have six different selections of drinks. 

Height Adjustment Available – When you are trying to use a travel mug, you may find it is nearly impossible to fit them in a single serve maker. However, you will find this machine makes it easier for you to adjust the height. 

Flow Thru Water Heater Technology – Now this is something you really want to know about because this means your water is going to be heated as you are making the coffee. Which will be like the instant water heaters and those things work awesome. 

LED Interface Makes It Easy To Tell What Is Going On – This is a nice feature because you will be able to have the coffee machine and know exactly when it is ready to brew your coffee. This in turn makes it easy for you to know when the machine is ready to brew. 

Coffee Taste Almost Perfect – A lot of people have commented about how great the coffee taste when they have brewed the coffee. 

Perfect For The Office – This is a great item that you will like to see. With this coffee maker, you will find it is perfect for the office or if you are single it will be the best cup of coffee for you to have. 

Uses The TDiscs – When you are looking at this coffee maker you will find it does make a great cup of coffee, but actually makes it easier for you to make the coffee. 

Here are some of the cons that I found with the Bosch model, but these are some considerations you will want to take seriously.

Cup Stand Is Hard To Handle – This is a problem you need to realize because it can make it hard for you to put the cup stand back in place single handed.

Water Tank Has To be Taken Off For Refill – This is a step back from the earlier models which you could fill the water tank without removing it. With this model, if you want to refill the water tank you have to take the water tank off. 

Bar Code Reader Can Fail – Just like the Keurig which has started to use the bar code system, people will find these can fail. This is a problem that has been reported with the Bosch machine. 

Own Your Own Bosch Tassimo TAS4702UC  

Features To Decide On

Speed and available selection of coffee are the main two things that I would contribute as deciding factors. When you are looking at this, you want a coffee maker that has a large selection of coffee to decide from. With this wider selection, you will have a chance to select the coffee you want to drink. However, if you are like my husband, you still want to roast your own coffee and grind your beans right before you have a great cup of coffee. So I have to find a coffee maker that will provide him, not me, but him with the option of being able to use fresh ground beans.

After I have settled in on the selection of the machine based off of the selection of coffee, I then move onto the speed of the machine. This allows me to know which of the machines will work best for my needs. So I do not have to be concerned about the cup of coffee holding me up in the morning. However, when I started to look at the speed I would find it allows me to find the best maker and know it will make it easier for me to brew the cup of coffee I want to each morning before I leave the house.

De’Longhi EN750MB In Use From YouTube

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