De’Longhi EN750MB Reviewed

I am sure you are all asking why I have this rated as my number one coffee maker. I know that this model does cost quiet a bit of money, but it is well worth the cost. In fact, with most of these coffee makers they are over the hundred dollar mark. So you will find it is better to go big or go home as the saying goes. So you will want to make sure you know more about the De’Longhi EN750MB to guarantee you are selecting the right coffee maker for your home.

EN750MB Comes With Six Programmed Drinks

Now, I am sure that you are going to want to know about all of the features that you can find with this coffee maker. I know that I am sure loving the features of the coffee maker. However, the feature that stands out the most to me is the fact that this coffee maker has six different drinks that are already programmed into the machine. These programmed drinks make it quite a bit easier to get the coffee made without me having to try to figure out how to make the drinks. The programmed drinks that are available with the maker are going to vary from ristretto to getting just hot water for tea. All of these are already programmed into the machine so you just have to hit a couple of buttons to get the machine set up and ready to make your coffee. You do need to make sure you look at the setting before you start the machine or you could end up with the wrong coffee. However, I do have to admit you can hardly go wrong when you are making any of the cups of coffee using this machine.

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Five Reasons The De’Longhi EN750MB Is The

Okay, now I have to bring up the points that make this the that I found right now. Well, this is going to be quite a bit more of a challenge than what I was expecting, but it is something that I enjoyed working on. I know that it did take me some time narrowing the list down to five, but it was well worth the work that I did because it helped me in getting to learn even more about the coffee maker.

I do know this much, after reading more information about the De’Longhi America EN750MB coffee maker, I know that I would use it every day. In fact, I would actually be worried that I would wear the coffee machine out. However, that is me and I do have to admit I like to drink a ton of coffee because I will go through about four to five cups per day and that is on a slow day. The good news is the coffee maker comes from a good brand and this helps me in getting to enjoy the coffee for a longer period of time.

1.Touch display for the sensor.

Okay, I know that this makes me sound lazy, but I have to admit I love the fact that this machine is a touch sensor. Which makes it easier for me to get my cup of coffee going first thing in the morning.

2.Italian designed look, looks perfectly in my house.

The design of this coffee maker is one that I really enjoy. When I looked at this design, I seen it is compact and does not have a large footprint. However, it is a perfect fit and the design looks great in my home.

3.Built in storage for the capsules.

Okay, I am horrible about wanting to have everything stored in its right place. However, with this machine, it comes with a built in storage area for your coffee capsules. So you can drink your coffee and have a storage space as well for the capsules.

4.Auto cleaning of the milk wand.

How often have you used a coffee machine only to realize after the fact that you have to clean the wand by hand. Well, I have done that and I have to tell you it flat out sucks. With this machine, it has a cleaning feature and it will steam the wand for you, for a complete 15 seconds.

5.Pivoted cup support

Not all of the cups that you are using will need to fit all the way down on the cup support. In fact, some of the cups you are using will need to be closer to the coffee spout, which can be used for your espresso. This cup support makes it easy for you to get the coffee into your cup, instead of the counter.

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Things I Wish The EN750MB Did

Now, I am sure you are probably thinking with a coffee maker that can cost upwards of 500 dollars, it better not have any faults. However, this is not the case unfortunately. In fact I found a couple of different faults with the machine. With these faults, I thought I would share them with you.

1.Low milk steaming temperature.

Now you do not want to have the lattes so hot that they start to burn your mouth right away, but you do want them to make the milk warm enough that it does not get frigid right away. Now this is a minor problem because you can heat the milk up after the fact in the microwave as well, but this is an extra step that you do not want to take.

2.Uses only the coffee capsules.

I am sure this could be an issue for some people, well definitely for me where I live because I have never seen these capsules at the store. So you could easily run out of coffee if you are not taking a careful note of your coffee stocks each day and reordering as you need.

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