Comparing The Top Two Coffee Makers


When you are looking at buying a , you will find the top machine is very important for you to know about. Here we are going to take and compare what we found as being a couple of the top rated coffee makers. Now these makers are going to have some strong points, but they are also going to have some points that you need to consider that you may not have thought about before. With that being the case we decided to start comparing the De’Longhi America EN750MB vs Mr. Coffee.

Features Of The De’Longhi EN750MB

In this corner we have the De’Longhi EN750MB. This will help you in getting to know the features of this product.

  • Makes use of the patented De’Longhi automatic system.
  • Uses sensor touch pads to make it easier for you to use the machine.
  • Comes with several different settings already built in for getting the coffee ready quickly.
  • Modern look and style that makes it easy for you to enjoy having the machine in your .
  • Already has storage built in for your coffee capsules.
  • Uses an automatic milk cleaning for the frother.
  • Can heat just milk or water if people only want to have these heated.
  • Heats up the water rather quickly for people to get the coffee ready for people.
  • Consistent brewing with the coffee and provides only the top quality drinks.
  • The drinks that people are getting prepared for them tends to be quite a bit warmer than what they expect.

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Features Of The Mr. Coffee BVMC-KG2FB

The Mr. Coffee is the second choice that I have and here are the features you will find with this machine.

  • Uses the same technology that is used for Keurig.
  • Has a removable drip tray for the larger cups that you are using.
  • Has a very strong brand name of coffee maker.
  • Brews the coffee people want to quickly.
  • Very easy to keep clean.
  • Makes 8 ounce cups of coffee rather quickly.
  • Small size that fits into almost any space.
  • Can use your own coffee if you want to.
  • Makes the coffee at the right temperature.
  • Easy to fill water tank.

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Same Features Of These Two

Obviously you will see the first feature that is the same between these two items and that is they both make coffee. Here is some information that will make it even easier for you to know what is the same between these two coffee makers.

Speed which they complete the job.

Easy to use interfaces between these two coffee makers.

Ability to use pre-packaged coffee in the form of pods or K-cups, depending on the machine.

Easy to fill water tanks that you can use with the coffee maker.

Makes the perfect cup of coffee each time that you are drinking it.

How They’re Different

Comparing The De’Longhi America EN750MB vs Mr. Coffee

I am sure that you have seen how these two are the same. However, you need to know how they are different as well, which is going to be covered here.

The type of coffee they are able to make, with the Mr. Coffee it is K-Cups, the De’Longhi uses the pods.

The De’Longhi can steam milk, which makes it easier to make higher end coffee. 

Selection of the number of drinks the machines can make.

Size selections of the cups that are available is different between these two machines.

Price is a major factor that people will see as different between these two machines.

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Should You Buy The EN750MB or the BVMC-KG2FB

Now the time has come to make a choice. If you want to get the EN750MB or the BVMC-KG2FB. I know both of these machines have quite a few features that make each of them unique. However, you will find that these machines can cost quite a bit of money. So you need to make sure you make the right choice in the coffee maker that you are buying. If you want to have a coffee maker that makes you a single cup of coffee each time and uses the K-cups that are available in most stores and can use your own coffee, then you will want to use the Mr. Coffee coffee maker. You will also find this one fits perfect for your desk so you can brew your own cup of coffee without even leaving your desk, except to get water if you need it. However, sometimes you will find you want a higher end cup of coffee. When you want this higher end cup of coffee you need to look at the De’Longhi model. This model has a milk steaming feature, which allows you to have a higher quality cup of coffee. With this being said you need to make sure you know this model is quite a bit more expensive. Price should not be an issue, though, when you are trying to get the best cup of coffee each day. Plus if you factor in the quality of the coffee versus the cost it would be at a coffee shop you will find it easily makes up the difference.

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