Carpets get dirty and they need to be cleaned. With all the carpet cleaners for home use it is hard to narrow down the choice in cleaners. We already have put out our top five carpet cleaners list and the 86T3 was our second ranked carpet cleaner. Here is our full review of the 86T3 carpet cleaner so you can make a good choice on which carpet cleaner you should use in your home.

What We Like 

Generally when you use a carpet cleaner you need to realize it only picks up the shampoo on the backwards pass. This feature is nice in some regards, but it can be very time consuming to get the carpet cleaned. With the model here, we love the fact it is able to pick up the cleaning solution when it is making the forward passes and the backward passes. With this unique feature it makes it easier to get the carpet cleaning job completed quite a bit faster than what people imagined.

The power brushes are another feature we enjoy with the Bissell. While most of the time people never think about this, the brushes are what gets deep down and cleans up the dirt quickly and easily. Not only that the brushes make it easier to get the deep down dirt and keep the dirt cleaned up.

What We Did Not Like

In all of our research we could not really find anything negative with the Bissell. The only problem that we have found is the fact the carpet cleaning solution that is sold by the Bissell company does cost quite a bit of money and in some cases it can be to cost prohibitive for you to get the replacement solution that is needed.

Our Final Thoughts

Bissell is a brand that is well known for quality vacuum cleaners. However, they are also building themselves up as being a great carpet cleaner as well. In fact the Bissell 86T3 cleaning professional cleaner is our second rated carpet cleaner for home use. Overall, this is a great carpet cleaner that you can use in your home, but also know it provides you with the best clean that is done in a quick time period because of the ability to clean forwards and backwards.

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