Bissell has managed to secure a second spot in our top five list of carpet cleaners for home use. This time they landed the number 3 spot with the Bissell Deep Clean Deluxe Cleaner 36Z9. We know this is a great carpet cleaner, but we have decided to do our in depth review here that we love to complete. By reading the in depth review, it will make it easier for you to know if the 36Z9 from Bissell is the best carpet cleaner for your needs or if you need to continue to look for a different carpet cleaner.

What We Liked With The Deep Clean Deluxe Carpet Cleaner

The clean shot trigger is a great feature we love. With this feature it allows you to direct the carpet formula directly onto the stains. The trigger helps to focus the solution and this reduces the waste that you have on the that is being done, but also makes it easier for you to get the cleaning done faster.

A pet hair basket is a very unique and nice feature as well. While we have never thought about this before, our dogs and cats are the main cause of messes in the . Usually this does not allow us to vacuum up the floor before cleaning the carpet. So the pet hair basket is a great feature that captures all of the pet hair before it gets into the carpet cleaner.

What We Did Not Like

The main thing that we do not like about this Bissell carpet cleaner is the fact that the clean water and the dirty water are in almost the exact same tank. The difference is the clean water is held inside of a bladder type of system, which is a great design to save space. However, the reason most carpet cleaners have two separate holding tanks is the emptying of the dirty water tank. So this is the main feature that we do not like with this model of Bissell carpet cleaners.

Our Final Thoughts On The Bissell Deep Clean Deluxe Cleaner 36Z9

We have to say this is a decent carpet cleaner, not good enough to take our top spot in the carpet cleaners for use or even the second spot. However, it is good enough with the brushes that provide deep carpet cleaning and the heated water makes this a decent cleaner that can be used on the carpet. Overall, if you want a carpet cleaner that does the job, but can be difficult to empty out at times then this is the carpet cleaner for you.

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