Comparing Two Of The Best Cordless On The Market

Using a cordless chainsaw is one of the best ways to get all of the limbs cleaned up in your home. However, what you need to realize is this is a challenge because you will find that it is nearly impossible for you to narrow down the choice of cordless to buy for your personal use. I know that for us we have decided to narrow down our search to what we consider to be a couple of the best cordless on the market, the Husqvarna 966729272 and the Ryobi RY40511. With these , you will find they are very similar, but at the same time they are different as well. So by comparing these two models it will make it very easy for you to find the best model for you to use. I know that we have went to extensive lengths and done quite a bit of research to compare these two saws, all of this is to make sure you are able to get the proper tool to use on the job that you have to complete.

Spotlight On The Husqvarna 966729272

Features Of The Husqvarna

When you are looking at this saw, like in the picture to the left you will notice the saw looks like a basic chainsaw that could very easily look like a gas powered saw. However, you will find that this is an and one that you will like to use. The great feature about this model is the fact that is using a brushless motor. This brushless motor means that it will provide you with more power for the saw to cut through larger branches than what you would normally expect it to be able to cut through.

Kickbacks are a major concern when you are using a chainsaw because it will be one of the main reasons that is going to hurt you. However, what you need to realize is this is a saw that is built in with an inertia activated chain brake that is going to help keep you safe from any type of kickback. So this is going to make it easier for you to cut the limbs or even smaller logs that you need to and not have to be concerned about the saw accidentally cutting you as long as you allow this brake to activate properly.

A major problem that we have seen in all of our studies with the cordless chainsaws is the fact the batteries always die off quickly. With the Husqvarna 966729272 you do not have to worry about that as much because the saw has what is considered a save mode that will allow you to have the saw running, but not taking up the entire battery power.

Features Of The Ryobi RY40511

A decent feature that we have found with the Ryobi cordless chainsaw is the fact that this is a saw that can be used with any of the 40 volt batteries that Ryobi has on the market. This means if you have the Ryobi cordless drill or other cordless items that are ran by the 40 volt Ryobi battery you will always have a battery handy. This will help you in getting the chainsaw and knowing if you are one of the very loyal people to the Ryobi brand, like most of the people become after they have completed the first purchase is you will have a chance to use this tool and know it is going to keep your saw going on a constant basis.

Torque is very important when you are using a chainsaw and a great way for you to power through the saw. With this saw, you will find that it is going to make it easier for you to cut through the logs that you want to because it has a brushless motor, just like the other model we reviewed above. So this will provide more of the low end torque you need to cut through all of the wood you are cutting.

Often when you look at this saw you may think the 14 inch bar is not going to cut up the wood you would want to have cut up. However, what you need to realize is this is a bar that can actually ut wood up to 24 inches in diameter without having any problems at all.

How They’re The Same

These are a couple of cordless chainsaws that do have some features that are the same. In this section we are going to cover how these are the same and hopefully it will make it easier for you to know that while a different name sits on the saw, they are alike in some ways.

  • Both of these saws use a brushless motor. This motor is going to make it easier for you to get the torque that you need to get the power out of the saw. This in turn will help ensure that you are going to be able to get all of the power out of the saw to cut the wood like you want to.
  • They are both using a 40 volt battery that is going to make it easier for you to get the life span out of the chainsaw like you want, but also know that the saw is going to allow you to use it for a longer period of time without having to be concerned about the battery dying on you.

How They’re Different

The differences are not really glaring between these two saws as they both are going to cut wood and both will provide you with the power to cut the wood that you need to get cut up. With that being said, we did dig down and started to look at some of the differences that you will want to know about to ensure that you get the right saw for your needs.

  • Size of the bar is a difference. The Husqvarna uses a 12 inch bar that is going to be a little bit shorter than the Ryobi which has a tendency to use a 14 inch bar.
  • Battery size is something else that is different between these chainsaws. The Huqvarna has a 36 volt battery, but the Ryobi is going to use a 40 volt battery that is going to make it easier for you to have the battery last for a little bit longer than what you would think it would.

Videos Of These Two Chainsaws

Which Should You Buy The Ryobi Or Husqvarna

So this is the tough question that you will have to answer and that is which one of these cordless chainsaws should you end up buying? Well, I know for me personally, I have been around chainsaws quite a bit and know the Husqvarna name as a great gas powered saw, which they claim their battery powered saw holds just as much power with. The Ryobi brand, I have always had issues with their other tools and this is not a fault of the company, but for me they have never really stood up to the test of time with the work that I have put them through. A good example of this is the weed eater that is made by Ryobi that was cordless and not gas powered because I picked up the wrong box. It lasted me about 30 minutes on a full charge, which was good, except then it started having a lot of heating issues and after a little bit of use would start to get so hot you could not hold it. So for me the choice is hands down going to go to the Husqvarna and if you decide on the Ryobi and have better luck please let us know here.

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