Discover The Black And Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw

Black and Decker is a name that has withstood a lot of trials as a tool brand and they have even branched off into the power tool market as well. I know that any time I am in my local large box retail store, they always seem to have Black and Decker displayed prominently in their hardware or tools section. With that being the case, we decided that we would look over the Black and Decker LCS1240, which is a cordless chainsaw. This means it will work great for some of the work that you have to do, but you need to realize it is not meant for going out and clearing out a forest as none of the cordless chainsaws are meant, but like we talked about in our opening article on this series about cordless chainsaws, these are mainly meant for the lighter type of cleanup work and limb work that you have. With that being said, let us start to talk about this model of Black and Decker Cordless Chainsaw.

Features Of The Black And Decker LCS1240

  • Comes with a 40Volt Lithium Ion battery that will increase the amount of time it will run and how long the battery will last for you after you have had to start charging it time and time again.
  • The bar is a little bit shorter than what we like, but it is a 12 inch Oregon bar, so at least it is a quality bar that will stand the test of time for you and your limb work that you need to get done.
  • As with most chainsaws, this is going to use an automatic oiling system. This does not mean that you do not have to add oil into it, but instead you just have to never worry about manually having to oil the bar and chain.
  • Adjusting the tension on the chain can be a very difficult thing to do, especially if you are not adept with your tools are unsure how to use them properly. With that being the case, you will really love the fact this is a chainsaw that has a tool free tension adjuster that makes it easier for you to adjust the slack in your chain.

Black And Decker LCS1240 Makes Cutting Firewood A Snap

Okay, unless you have a massively large wood burner the chances are you will not be cutting up chunks of wood that are five feet in diameter at your . However, what you usually will be cutting up is the smaller branches and at times the smaller trunks of the trees that were in the way. So this is going to be a great option if you want to get some branches cut up really quick for your firepit or fireplace. This often makes it easier for you to get the work done that you need to and know it is going to allow you to chop up some of the wood that could be under a tarp and dry for your fire if you have an unexpected rain storm or other issue comes up.

Makes Oiling Easy

As a reviewer on Amazon pointed out this is a saw that uses an automatic oiler. Now you may not be familiar with this because you could easily fall into the sense that all chainsaws are automatic. However, their are some saws that will actually require you to manually pump the primer button to get it to start to oil. In general this is not an issue because it is not something that you can easily forget to do, but you need to realize it is important because if their is no oil the can quit working completely.

Noise Level Is At A Minimum

This is a great positive that you will enjoy and that is the fact a lot of people have commented that this saw is so quite they can use it to cut firewood at a campsite. Usually when you go camping getting the firewood is expensive and often hard to do because the sticks that you are finding the woods are usually way to long to fit in the fire ring you get. With this saw, you can get those sticks and know you will have a chance to cut them down to the length that you want them to be at and not have to be concerned about the being so loud that it draws the attention of other campers or the park ranger.

Accessories Included With The Black And Decker LCS1240

  • Includes the battery that is rechargeable.

Drawbacks With The LCS1240

As we mentioned this is a cordless chainsaw, which in most of our experience is very easy to use, but it does drain the battery really quickly. That being said, this chainsaw has claims of the battery lasting for a long time and at a 40 volt battery I would hope it does last for a long period of time. However, this is only if you are taking some of the wood that is not going to be really thick and challenging for the . If you are getting into some of the thicker wood you will notice it is going to start to pull more of a drain down on the saw and this often means you will not have a that is able to cut through the wood as much as what you would want to get done to help you in getting your fire wood done.

Our Final Take

Cutting firewood is easily not the best project for anyone to do, but if you heat with wood it can be a challenge to find the best chain saw. This is when you should know that not all of the chain saws that you can find are going to be gasoline powered and some of them will not even be powered with a cord and are cordless battery powered options. With that being the case, you need to realize these are a great option, but only if you are planning on cutting up some small pieces of wood and do not mind if your saw runs out of battery juice when you are cutting the wood, because it can happen. Overall, we do like the fact the saw is able to cut through most of the wood that it is faced with, but cannot be used in heavy duty usage. However, we would also recommend getting a second battery so if your first one does die when you are working in the middle of a wood cut that you can finish it.