Got Limbs? Find The Best Battery Powered Chainsaw For Limbs

Face it, if you own any amount of land, even in the city their is a good chance you will have some trees on the property, even if it is just a small little branch. The problem is once the trees get a little bit bigger than the size of your finger, it will usually be outside of the realm of your trimmers and even the electric trimmers. Since this is the case, some people will need to keep a small chainsaw on hand to trim up the branches they need to get cleaned up. To that end, we decided to take some time, since it is Spring where I live, and some of the best battery powered chainsaws that will help you in getting to clean up some of the limbs that are on the property and know they will no longer be an issue.

How We Narrowed Down Our Choices

While we are usually going to talk about gas powered chainsaws, we know that is not always feasible for some people because they are going to notice it is very difficult to operate the saw without disturbing their neighbors or even keeping it maintained. So we took that into consideration when looking at the battery powered saws. We also decided that we would look at the reported battery life of the chain saws, which is important when they are operating off of the battery power. Something else that we considered is since we are writing this more for limb cleanup, the chances of needing a long bar is usually very slim so we looked at saws that have a bar under 14 inches. So this is how we started to narrow down the list, but after that we looked even further and studied the information online for each of the saws we are going to speak of here.

Black And Decker LCS1240

Black and Decker is a name that most people will recognize with improvement or drills. However, they do make cordless chain saws as well. The problem is if you are like me and have quite a few Black and Decker tools you know that you should question the battery life of the tools. With that being the case, we are talking about the Black and Decker LCS1240 cordless chainsaw here and it is going to be a nice little chainsaw that you can use on the smaller branches of your trees and around the on shrubs that have thicker stems. If you are going to get up into the heavier trees, then you may need to use a regular gas powered model, but overall for the use this does appear to be a great little chain saw that will make your job a cinch.

GreenWorks 20362 G-24 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw

Sometimes you will get an item because it has the name green in it. That is why some people have purchased this saw, but it does have a 10 inch bar which is good because it makes the cutting easier and avoid the kickbacks, but also because it works in a neighborhood. Not only that this is a battery that will allow you to get close to 50 cuts of 4 inch wood out of the charge on the battery. So while this is a decent amount of wood to cut, if you have a lot of wood to cut then you may want to consider a different saw or getting a second battery. Overall, this is a decent saw and it comes with the charger and battery, which is a good thing and leads to less additional purchases you need to make.

EGO Power+ 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

This is a brand that we have never heard of before, but after reading all the reviews that we could find and noticing a trend from all the people who have reviewed the saw we noticed one thing and that was out of 4 sites we read on, not a single one had under a 5 star . So you can imagine our pleasure in seeing this after seeing a couple of the saws that we really liked to begin with start to pale in comparison to this model. The downside is, it is exactly like what you would expect you get what you pay for and in some cases if you do not want to pay the price for this battery powered saw, you could end up getting burned. However, we would have to say if you want to have a saw that is going to work great for you and last for a long time without really having to be worried about it dying off on you right away, then you need to check out this saw.

Husqvarna 966729272 36V Cordless Lithium-Ion 12 in. Brushless Chainsaw (Bare Tool)

This is a saw that made our cut because we have used the gasoline powered Husqvarna tools before and even used their chainsaws. With their gas powered saws, which this claims to have the same amount of power as those saws, you will find that they are going to run you into the ground before they break. The downside is if they do break you will be hard pressed to find someone to work on them at times. Either way, this is easily one of the strongest brands of chainsaws on the market and one that I know I have truly enjoyed using in the past, but also love the fact that it is a saw that is going to keep going and going. As a side note, I could not find any mention of the battery life for cutting with this saw, so you may want to explore that some more before you complete your purchase.

Ryobi RY40511 40V Cordless Brushless Lithium-Ion 14 in. Chainsaw

Ryobi was included because I have seen these quite a bit in the box stores and always see people buying them. So I figured what the heck, it must be a decent saw if so many people are buying them right? Well, that is really depending on what type of job you have to work on and how long you plan on using the saw for. A common report is the saw only has  a battery that last 10 minutes on a full charge. However, I have to ask was that the light duty battery that comes with the saw or the heavy duty battery that is extra? If you get the heavy duty battery, some people have reported it last significantly longer, but you should realize that is an extra expense you may not want to spend right after dropping over a hundred bucks for the saw. Overall, this is a decent saw and one that you can enjoy, but you need do your homework if you want to have a great saw.

Deciding Factors In Selecting A Battery Powered Chainsaw For Cutting Limbs

Usually when it comes time to clean up your yard for spring and get it ready to have guest over you will start to think about all the limbs. While their is never any time like the later time to clean the yard up, you need to do so with the proper equipment. With that being said, you may want to look into the cordless chainsaws, but do not really know what to consider in the factors to weigh in on. To that end, like we said in the beginning we took a look at the battery life, brand name, and even the length of the bar. When we took all of those items into consideration it helped us narrow down our list here to the five best battery powered chainsaws for cutting down limbs. While some of these saws are not top of the line, they are affordable and easier on the budget than a saw that cost a grand and requires pollution causing gasoline. With that being the case, we tend to rely on the battery power and the bar size when making our choice. This way we can find a saw that will do the job we need it to, but also know the job is getting done properly.