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When you are looking at the push mowers that are gasoline powered you will notice they are going to be quite a few to look through. We have ranked what we feel are the five best push mowers to use, but now we are going to talk more about the mowers that we considered the top 2 in our list and going to compare them to each other. This way you can not only have our top five list to use and the individual , but also have the comparison between these two mowers to see which one would better suit your needs.

How Are The Husqvarna and The Troy-Bilt The Same

With both of the HU700F and the TB330 it is going to allow you to see the mowers are self propelled. This makes it easier for you to get the lawn cut and know that it will be working for what you need to have cut without having to wear yourself out. Now this does not mean that you can get completely away from the exercise the push mower gives you, but it does mean the self propelled option will make it easier for you to get the lawn cut quickly and easily.

Both of the mowers are going to allow you to have the 3 in 1 action that you may want to have to get the perfect look to your grass. This means the mowers do have a discharge on the side, a rear collection bag, but also have a way to mulch the grass as well. All of these options make it easier for you to get a great looking lawn in a short period of time versus it taking you all day to get the great look you need to have.

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How Are These Two Self Propelled Push Mowers Different

The cutting size of these two mowers is different is the first big difference you will notice. The Husqvarna is going to have a 22 inch cutting deck that will make it easier for you to get all the cutting done in a timely manner. However, the Troy-Bilt utilizes a slightly smaller 21 inch cutting deck. So this is going to make a difference even if it is a slight one because the Husqvarna, with the wider deck, means you will get the job done just a slight bit faster.

With the motors they are going to be different as well. The Husqvarna uses a 160cc motor which is a very powerful motor and will have a tendency to help you in getting the motor to be used. However, with the smaller Troy-Bilt the motor is bigger and comes in at 163cc. So the Troy-Bilt does have a larger motor and for some people that can make a difference in which one of the mowers they will be picking to use.

A big difference between the mowers as well is the drive style. The Husqvarna is front wheel drive, which is going to allow the mower to pull its way up hills and not have as much in the way of stress on the motor. With the Troy-Bilt it is rear wheel drive and this can be a challenge at times because it will be exactly like a riding mower that is rear wheel drive and that can make it difficult to get the work done at times.

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Pick Which Mower Works For You?

Well that is the challenge because both of these mowers are going to work great at mowing the lawn. The big difference is the Husqvarna is a brand that people may find some issues with and the front wheel drive means the wheels and the power train for that are on the front of the mower without anything really to shield them from getting damaged by objects that are coming up out of the ground. With the Troy-Bilt it is rear wheel drive and this means it is going to have the proper power and behave more like a mower that people may be familiar with. Something else to note is that at the time of this writing on June 5th, 2017 the Troy-Bilt is significantly cheaper than the Husqvarna as well, which could help make up your mind on which mower you should be buying.

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