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is something that you will probably be doing quite a bit of here soon. That is because you are going to find the warmer weather is going to make you want to get out into the sun and enjoy yourself. However, you should know more about the best gardening tool sets that are on the market to make sure you select the right set for your gardening needs. Without this, you could end up buying a set from the store and end up disappointed because of what it offers you tool wise, but also durability.

How Did We Narrow Down Our Gardening Tool Sets

When we were working on this list we decided that we would look at the type of tools that are in the kit, storage of the kits and even what they have available in the way of durability. Nothing is worse than thinking you have a great looking kit that will work for your needs only to find out after the fact the kit is starting to get your garden work completed in a timely manner.

Our Five Contenders 

Iswees 7 Piece Gardening Tool Set

This is a set that we really like. It has plenty of tools to help you get all of your gardening done, as long as you are not dealing with clay. However, you will also find the Iswees gardening tool set is going to allow you to have a great set that is going to work for your needs as well. So you do not have to worry about the set wearing out on you.

One aspect that we really like with this set is the fact the set comes with a stool inside of it. Now this is something that we like because we hate the fact that when we are doing our weeding or trying to get the garden cleaned up that we have to stay bent over the entire time. So the stool that is available in the set, while it is small is going to make it easier for us to get into the garden and not have to worry about our backs being put through hell.

Vremi 9 Piece Gardening Tool Set

Vremi has a set that we have ranked in our five best, but it is a set that only has 6 different tools for you to use. However, after these tools they include , a spray bottle, and the carrying bag as part of the tool kit. So it is easy to see this may not be the best option for you to use if you are looking for a great kit that is going to be mainly tool based.

The good news is the tools that are present in this set tend to be very durable. However, the difference that is going to keep this set from being the first rated in our rankings is the fact that this does not have the stool and we have found as we get older it is easier to get the gardening done if we have a comfortable seat to sit on and keep the comfort level that we want to have.

Songmics 7 Piece Gardening Tool Set

Songmics is a set that we have used in the past and we found them to work out great for the work that we had to get done. However, one problem that we consistently had when we would reach the beans is we would lay down the tools, outside of the carrying tote to move ourselves or to stretch and we would always end up losing the tools in the weeds or the bean plants. Yes, the tools are colored a yellow and black color, but if you look at your plants they tend to be a green color and if you have laid the tools down the wrong way you tend to miss the tool.

As with the other kit this kit does include the tools and the carrying bag as part of the kit. However, this does not mislead you at all as you would think the bag is part of the tools. Plus the canvas tote they give you is rather nice and durable as well so you do not have to worry about it breaking down on you as quickly as you would some of the other bags that you may have used in the past.

Lanbozit 9 Piece Gardening Tool Set

This is a 9 piece set that includes the and the spray bottle, which we already mentioned before that we did not really care for. However, it is a kit that we do like because the are cut resistant and that tends to go quite a ways for us because you never know what you are going to find in the garden dirt. In fact, in our garden they used to have broken bottles inside of the garden area. So the cut resistance is very nice because it means that we do not have to worry as much about glass getting into our hands from the garden.

Something else that we really like with this set is the handles are meant for an adult, but if you want to get your kids started in the garden they can go out and help you as well. That is because the handles are small enough they are going to fit into your kids hands and this makes it easier for you to get all the work done, but also educate your kids about the importance of having a garden that they can survive off of as well.

Stalwart 75 7 in 1 Gardening Tool Set

This is a set that has quite a few things going for it as it has the pruning shears that we like, but it also has a wooden handle construction. While this may not seem like it would be a good thing, we have found the wood does not get as brittle in the summer heat as the construction that is made from plastic. So this makes it easier for you to use.

On the same side of the note, we have found the wooden construction to be a downfall at the same time. That is because for whatever reason on all the sets that we have used that has a wooden handle it tends to have a weak point right where the wood and the metal come together. This tends to break if you are not careful and that is because of the flexion of the metal when you are trying to move some of the heavier clay dirt if you get too deep in the dirt.

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