Discover The Tydirium

Kids love Lego’s and they love Star Wars. Thankfully these two brands have come together and allowed Lego to have some licensing rights to produce the Lego Star Wars series products. These are based off of a lot of the movies and shows that your kids and probably you even watched when you were little. With that being the case, here is our of the Tydirium, which is going to make it easier for you to know if this will match your kids needs or not.

Features Of The Tydirium Shuttle From The Imperials

Has a cool spring loaded shooters that is going to make it easier for you to get the missiles shot off at the rebels. While this is a nice feature, you need to realize it can be a pain as well because these are spring loaded and that generally means these can fly for quite a distance. So you need to keep that in mind and let your kids know about it as well or you could find the rockets well away from where they were supposed to be.

The shuttle is based off of the famous Return of the Jedi movie. The detail level that you are going to find is quite high and it will make it quite a bit easier for you to get the level of interaction that you would want to have, but not have to worry about your kids constantly playing on a video game to get the interaction that they need to have.

Age ranges are important when you are looking at the Lego products. With this product you will like the fact it is meant mainly for kids that are going to range from 9-14. When you do get this product for the younger kids you may find they are going to need some help assembling the shuttle or you could end up having a very odd looking shuttle that is not complete.

You Mentioned Shooting The Rebels Is That Right? 

If you recall the shuttle is from the Imperial forces. However, as we are going to clear up now, this is the shuttle that was hijacked by the rebel forces. So the spring loaded action for the shuttles weapons can go both ways as it could be shooting at the rebels before they took the shuttle or it could be shooting at the imperial after the shuttle was hijacked.

Do The Wings Fold Down Or Are They Fixed In Place? 

This is a great feature with this lego and that is the fact it is going to have wings that will move up and down. This does not mean the wings are going to fold down all the way, but they are going to move around enough that you are able to get the work done that you want to have. However, you will notice that the wins will help you out tremendously in getting more of the authentic feel that you want to have for your kids play.

Is This Product That Heavy? 

The weight of the product will depend more on the information of how your kids are. The Lego is a little bit on the heavy side as it comes in at close to 4 pounds. However, what it does do is it gives you a great product that you are going to have for your kids and face it, if they start to complain about the weight you will know they  are getting their workout.

Who Would Like This Lego Toy? 

This is a Lego toy that will be for kids that are older and a little bit more skilled at getting the Legos built. However, you will also find that this is a toy that will work great for people who are going to be a Star Wars collector. The reason for this is you are going to find it can be a great collectors piece, but it can also be a piece that you will enjoy because your kids can put it together.

Who Would Not Like This Lego? 

The toy would not work for the younger kids or even the middle range of the kids for the range that you are looking at on the level. Now this does not mean the 9 year old could not do the Lego toy, but they may struggle to get the toy put together because they are younger and this is a toy that can take quite a bit of work to get done.

Our Final Thoughts On The Lego Star Wars Imperial Tydirium Shuttle

This is a great Lego that will become one of the rare ones to find, like the Castle Lego set when I was a kid. However, this is a Lego that is kind of pricey and depending on the skill level of those putting it together it will be very difficult to put together at times. Now, the nice part is this is a Lego toy that your kids are going to fall in love with and you will as well because it allows you to recreate with your kids the scenes from the movie that we all grew up watching.