Walking sticks for children are instruments of joy and fun, but as
responsible parents it’s important to understand how a quality walking stick can
improve your child’s life. Childrens walking sticks come in a variety of styles
and models with many varying height and handle options. The first question you
need to answer when choosing a walking stick for your child is whether the
instrument is meant to be used for extended periods of time or if it will just
be used on a short term basis for special outdoor activities.

A common style of walking stick for children is the adjustable height
quadrupod. This design features two small aluminum handles that can be adjusted.
An aluminum head piece is topped with a rubber grip that is comfortable for
children to grip. The handle can also be padded with a soft foam center to help
prevent injury. A small rubber footpad surrounds the aluminum handle and is used
to position your child securely in place. This feature is especially helpful if
your child is larger in size and can get caught up in the handle while
attempting to walk.

The next style of walking stick for children is the mini tripod walking
stick. This model consists of an aluminum pole with four feet. A long metal pole
extends from the four feet of the tripod. One foot in front of the other, this
portable tripod is suitable for children of all ages. The tall pole offers a
comfortable walking surface and there are sufficient steps on the tripod to help
children navigate.

A mini tripod with swan neck consists of a durable swan neck and durable
metal legs. The swan neck makes it easy for children to grip the handle. Swan
necked instruments feature a high level of comfort due to the comfort grips
attached to the handles. A swan neck is also ideal if you have small children,
because it helps prevent injuries due to clumsy attempts to hold the stick. The
sturdy swan neck is also useful in providing support to knees and elbows. This
instrument is great for ages twelve and up.

The most popular children’s walking stick is the portable fixed height
tripod. The tripod includes a sturdy platform with two feet. The foot end of
this platform can be placed flat against a hard surface. There is a small
platform with a pair of padded seats that enables the user to stand on the seat
and relax. The armrests of this stool come with padded support and the stool has
four strong points at the end of each armhole that propels the user comfortably
to a standing position.

Another style of walking stick for children is the adjustable height tripod.
This stool is similar to the swan neck type, but has a few differences. The
adjustable height tripod is more stable than the swan neck model and is slightly
more comfortable for children of all ages. The steel legs of this stool are made
from strong, lightweight materials that are easy to clean. The legs of this
tripod are equipped with rubber pads that prevent the user from slipping and

The third walking stick is the fixed height quad cane. This walking stick for
children consists of a heavy duty nylon rope with a sturdy four-foot length
handle. It is constructed from strong, lightweight material that is easy to
wash. The handle is covered in rubber for added comfort. The nylon rope that
attaches the handle to the frame of this stick is covered in small, clear
plastic triangles. There are no ferrules on this walking stick.

The fourth walking stick is the double adjustable height quad cane. This
walking stick for children has clear plastic triangular ferrules on the top,
bottom, and both ends. There are no ferrules on the frame of this walking stick.
The handle is also covered in rubber for added comfort. This walking cane is
made from a durable nylon rope that is easily cleaned and offers an adjustable

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