Discover The LEGO Star Wars

Star Wars is a cult classic movie that people are going to always remember. However, what you need to realize is LEGO has teamed with the Star Wars team to produce some of the best on the market and that is the Star Wars style of toys that are going to help you allow your kids to imagine some of the great battles from the movies, but also lets your kids have a great time as they are able to play the toys and then take the village apart and rebuild it time and time again. Here is our of the LEGO Star Wars .

Features Of The Star Wars Ewok Village

The number of mini figures that are included with this LEGO is going to be amazing. With most of the LEGOs you only get a couple of pieces of figures to use. However, LEGO knows how important a roll the Ewok Village plays in the movie and with that they include a figure of R2D2 and 16 mini figures total to make it easier for you to get the best play time with the figures that are present.

The Jedis are known for having stashes all over the place for the light sabers, weapons, and in some cases even smuggling people. Think Han Solo for that mission, but what you need to realize is this is a LEGO toy that takes this into account and allows you to have the space that is hidden in the tree to make it easier to conceal the weapons.

With this LEGO set it is going to be huge and is meant for kids that are older than age 12, but that is because it has over 1900 pieces inside of it and that can make it very difficult for you to get the set and know that it is going to be put together and keep your kids happy with the set.

How Easy Is This Set To Put Together?

Okay, well the bad news is this is a LEGO set with a lot of pieces. So you can bet your bottom dollar that this is not a set that is going to be very easy to put together. Since that is the case, if you are giving this to a kid that is about 12 or a little bit younger that you are giving the set to you should make some time to guarantee that you are able to help them in getting the set put together. Otherwise you could have the problem of your kids not being able to complete the village.

How Big Is The Ewok Village Once Put Together?

When you are looking at this village you need to realize it is going to be rather large when it is put together. However, it s not so large that it takes up an entire shelf in your room. So we are going to say the final measurements are roughly 24 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 13 inches tall. So this will not be the largest LEGO in your set, but definitely one that is bigger.

Who Would Like The Ewok Village? 

This is a village that is meant for kids, but it is going to be something that the adults are going to love as well. So you will like the fact that the Ewok Village is meant for everyone because of the significance it has had on a generation of people. So make sure you look at this village as that regard and that way you can know it is going to be a great toy to use and build upon.

Who Would Not Like The Village?

The Ewok Village would not be for people that are not a fan of the Star Wars franchise. However, it would also not be a toy that would be good for people who are going to be using the toy for kids that are under the age of 12 as this is a challenging LEGO toy to put together.

Our Final Thoughts On The

This is a toy that is going to be a good one for you to use with your kids as a project to do together. This is a toy that your kids will love if they are over the age limit for the toy. If they are under the age limit they are going to have some problems with the toy because it can be very difficult to put together. Overall, this is a toy that kids of all ages, even adults, are going to like only if they are able to get it together and actually enjoy the toy.