Lodge P12SG3 Square  

with a cast iron may seem like it is a little bit on the old-fashioned side, but you need to realize this is one of the best ways for you to get an even cook on all of your food. The problem is when you start to look at all the cast iron griddles on the market it will be very difficult to figure out which one of these you should be buying and which one of them you should be giving the pass to.With this being the case, I know that it rather difficult to find the right griddle and that is why I decided it was time for me to launch into a review of the Lodge P12SG3 Square Griddle that is on the market and let you know if this is one of those pieces that is worth the cost or if you should consider a different piece for your needs.

Features Of The Lodge P12SG3 Square Griddle

  • This is a griddle that is going to come in at the 12-inch square mark, which is actually quite a bit of space for what you need to have done. This will allow you to have a product that will work great for your needs and know it will help you out in getting the right amount of done in a timely manner. What else is nice is the fact the size that you have here is larger than the typical pieces of bacon.
  • The griddle that you see here can be used in multiple surfaces and areas. This is one of those griddles that is so versatile because it is solid cast iron, yes a solid piece without any fillers, that you can use it over the open fire, in the oven, or even on the stove. So this will definitely help you out in getting the cooking done and know that you will be able to get the griddle and use it for any of the cooing surfaces you were planning on using it for.
  • Since this is a cast iron piece you will find that it is going to do a lot for you with the amount of heat it will retain. When you are cooking with some of the products you will find they are not going to retain a lot of the heat you would expect them to because of the materials they are constructed of. With this item, since it is solid cast iron it is going to really retain quite a bit of the heat and will help you know that it is going to finish cooking all of your food. The best part is with this type of heat retention it does have a tendency to make it easier for you to cook the food evenly.
  • With this griddle you will notice that it is going to have a little bit of depth to them compared to some of the other griddles on the market. With the depth of 3/4 of an inch it will seem like this is a miniature skillet instead of being a griddle. However, this definitely makes it nice because it provides some of the extra depth you would like to have for the bacon grease that can slosh out when you are using this to fry some bacon.

What Did I Like About This Griddle

I like the fact this is a square griddle. With most of the rectangles that I have seen they are a rectangle, which means they are going to take up quite a bit of room on the stove and even on the campfire grates. With this, it is going to be a little bit on the larger side for a cooking surface, but this is going to make it easier for you to get the product and know it will be working for what you need it to do.

The heat retention is something else I really liked with this griddle as well. Now, I know that I tend to rely on the pans to finish the cooking anymore, so it is very important for me to have a good product that is going to hold onto the heat for a longer period of time. This way it will be able to finish cooking everything for me while I am waiting on the rest of the food to finish cooking on the burner or campfire I just took the griddle off of.

Finally, I like the depth that is seen with this griddle. With most of the griddles on the market, I have found that they are very shallow and this makes it easier for you to spill the grease out of the griddles. This griddle is actually going to have quite a bit of depth to it and will make it easier for you to avoid spilling any of the grease onto the cooking surface like the stove or other items.

What I Did Not Care For Here

Well, I have to admit the one thing that I did not like is you have to buy a handle cover separate. Now, this is not that big of a deal, but I do have to admit I would have loved it more if this had been mentioned when I was going through the ordering process. Then I would have bought the handle holder at the same time and saved myself an extra day or two of getting the cooking done in the griddle like I wanted to do.

My Final Thoughts On The Lodge P12SG3 Square Griddle

I know that I really like cooking with cast iron and I will admit that I love the Lodge brand of cast iron products to help me out with the cooking. Since this is the case, I have to say having a square griddle definitely helps me fit it on my stove and allows me to cook the food quickly and easily. So I will say that I really love this product and all that it offers for me to use and with that being said, I have to say the Lodge P12SG3 square griddle is one that I highly recommend.