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We continue with our series of the toaster ovens again. This is one of those items that you normally would not even consider buying. Since this is the case, we know it can be a challenge to find the right one for your home use as well. This is why we have decided to talk about the Oster Large Capacity Digital Convection Toaster Oven today in this review. So you can know what to expect and know that it is going to be a great one for you to use and know you are going to have a great toaster oven sitting on your kitchen counter each time you go to use it.

What I Like With The

Size is a big issue for me, but that is mainly because I have a family of five and we all like to eat at the same time. So having a toaster oven that is able to do almost all of the bread and other items we need to have cooked at the same exact time is invaluable for me. With the Oster brand toaster oven that I am talking about here, it is able to handle six pieces of bread at a time. This means that it only takes me a couple of run-throughs to get all the bread toasted for breakfast, but also does not take as long to get some of the other prepared as well.

My kids are getting older and thankfully they all want to learn how to cook. So, I really like the fact this is a toaster oven that is going to use the digital controls like a microwave. Now, this makes it easier for the kids to use, yes they can use the older style turn dials, but for , I do not want it getting messed up too much. With the digital timers they know exactly how long and what temperature they have it set for and know if it is right or wrong.

An automatic shut off after ninety minutes is something else that I really love. As I mentioned, my kids, want to start cooking as well. However, this does not always mean they will remember to turn the stove, oven, or microwave off even. Oster has taken that into consideration here as they have managed to set it up to where the toaster oven is going to turn off after ninety minutes. So you do not have to worry about it getting overheated.

What I Did Not Like With The Oster Large Capacity Toaster Oven

The light is one aspect that I do not really care for. Now you may be asking yourself why is that because it makes it easier for you to see your food. Well, that is true, but if you have any food that has a lot of greases that you cook in the toaster oven it often makes the light have a cloudy look to it. Then the greases can build up over time. This buildup makes it impossible for you to see the food and what is worse most of the time when you go to clean these lights it is impossible to do and easier at times just to replace the bulb.

My Final Thoughts On The Oster Large Capacity Convection Toaster Oven

When you need a toaster oven you generally will do some research, maybe not even a lot. I mean they are all basically the same and it is not like you are spending half a months salary on an oven or new refrigerator. However, I want you to get the best on the market and I have to say the Oster Large Capacity Convection Toaster Oven definitely ranks towards the top of the toaster ovens. It has quite a bit of features from a digital timer and settings to a large capacity on the inside. Overall, this is a great toaster oven and if you are looking for a convection one you cannot really go wrong here as it will provide you with the cooking power you want to have.

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