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The is one of the hotels that everyone seems to remember when they are in Gatlinburg. The stands out on top of one of the peaks and it is prominent over the town. In fact, the is one of our top choices of family hotels in Gatlinburg. To that end, we decided to do a more in depth review of this location. Hopefully this information, makes it easier for you to know if this is the right hotel for you or not.






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This is a hotel that holds quiet a bit of history for people as it has been around for quiet some time. However, what a lot of people do not realize is this hotel has recently become part of the Hilton family. This change in ownership is a good thing as it has brought along the world class brand name of Hilton, but also is going to help bring up the standard in the Park Vista, which was already high. Some of the changes already have been the updates to the family suites that have been helping to draw in families, but you do need to realize these rooms are limited so you need to book them early. Something else that has become a major attraction is the pool area. This is not your typical pool area, in fact, the pool is multi tiered and actually will provide you with the water park atmosphere, which is also available at the location. So not only do you have some of the best views in town, you get one of the best water attractions in town to use as well.

Park Vista Hotel

Five Reasons This Is The Best Hotel For Families

This hotel is a prime family location because of the pool that was already mentioned, but the fact the hotel is located on the trolley route. Now the key thing you need to do is make sure you check out the trolley and since you will most likely be riding the trolley back to your hotel, to check out the day pass. This way you can make multiple trips down into town and not have to be concerned about the trolley eating into your budget all the time.

Something else you need to realize is the hotel is 15 stories tall. So you need to try and request a room on a higher floor to get the views you want to have. When you request these rooms, you tend to be able to see everything in the area, including the mountains. The downside is you will only be able to see the direction you are placed in. Here are some more of the reasons that is making the Park Vista as one of the top choices we have narrowed it down to.

1. Balconies that are available provide some of the best views around.

Views are important when you are in an area that is as beautiful as Gatlinburg. When you wake up in the morning and see the mountains, you will feel at peace right away. However, you need to realize these moments are not found at all the hotels. In fact, some of the hotels when you wake up face you right to a parking lot, which is not always what you want to see.
2. Wonderful pools for you and your kids to enjoy after a long day in the mountains.

The main reason why so many people to Gatlinburg is because of the proximity to the mountains. I know after you have walked or hiked in the mountains the best thing to do is to sit down and relax. However, if you have a pool available it is a lot easier than what you imagined to sit down and relax.

3.Top quality rooms to sleep in. 

Rooms are an important thing for people to consider. However, with some of the hotels, the rooms will appear dated and not be at the top level people want. I know the rooms are some of the most important things for me when I am looking at any hotel is the rooms. So I always read the about the rooms and in the Park Vista, some of the rooms have been completely updated and when you are traveling with your family, they do have family suites, but these need to be booked early on to guarantee they are available.

4. Trolley picks up at scheduled times.

Okay, I will admit the Park Vista is not always the top on my list because it is not located within walking distance of town, which I need to do after I have a meal in town at the restaurants. This is when I found out Park Vista is located directly on a trolley route and it actually comes to the door and picks up. So you do not have to hike up the hill and this is something you will really want to not do.

5. Open lobby with comfortable couches

How often have you had to sit down and wait in the lobby for one of your family members. I know it never ends well because the lobby is generally cramped and crowded, but what is even worse is the fact the hotel lobbies are usually full of furniture that is so old you wonder if the Nixon administration is missing its furniture. With the lobby here, you will get the large space that you want to have, but also comfortable couches to sit down on.

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I Wish The Park Vista Had These Features

Just like everything, you always want to have more. Well, this is true of the Park Vista and I have to admit I really wish it had the features that I am going to present here. However, these are a couple of decisions that should not make or break the hotel in your mind.

1.Family suites are very limited in the hotel

I know that this is not a major problem for some people and it could be on the books to get some more of the rooms renovated. However, if you book your rooms early you can easily start to get your rooms that you want to and know it will meet your needs. Without booking early, you could end up having some problems in getting the room you want to have.

2. Earlier check in times.

Checking into a hotel is always a nice thing to do. However, I know that when I was looking at this location, they only allow check in after 4pm. This is about an hour later than the average check in time. So the earlier check in time may help people, especially families with kids, get settled into their hotel before they go back down in the town.

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