Of The Prelude FL711 Reviewed 

As you know we have been talking about school starting back up because the school buses are roaring by my house in the morning. However, what I have found is this also means that a lot of students are going to be going into band. Ahh yes, the dreaded band practice and instrument rentals or purchases that the parents have to make. These are not only expensive, they are also going to be something that you can easily mess up on when you are for these instruments for your kids. This is when you, as a parent, should make the decision on which of the flutes you should be getting for your kids. With that being said, you should be properly prepared and research all of the different flutes on the market. With that being said, here is our of the Prelude FL711 .

Spotlight On The Prelude FL711

You may be asking yourself, why we have decided to put our spotlight on the Prelude in this review and have continued our flute series. However, we have to say this is a flute that has been shown to produce some of the top quality sounds that a lot of students want to have. However, this is also a flute that has been shown to be of strong construction. The other interesting part is the Prelude is part of the Selmer line of musical instruments and it has often been shown as being a great company that can be relied upon to produce top quality instruments. Something else that you are going to enjoy is the fact this is a company that is based in Indiana.

Ribbed Construction 

When you are looking at a flute for your kids, you want one that is going to last them a long period of time. I know that kids are destructive and in most cases can destroy a tank if you give them long enough. However, what some of the musical instrument companies have done is make their instruments with ribbed construction. This means that the construction is going to be quite a bit stronger and will keep your kids from destroying the instruments, but also provide them with a flute that will be durable enough to last them for several years. Without this, you could have problems in getting to have a flute that is going to keep your kids playing music, instead of in the repair shop.

Five Reasons The Prelude FL711 Is A Good Choice For Your Kids

  1. Silver plated head, body, and foot. With this silver plating it is going to allow your kids to have a flute that is going to look great all the time, but also have the shiny appeal that people want to have. So you will not have to worry about your kids having a flute that has a dull look to it or have other problems because the flute is stained easily.
  2. Easy to use this flute to produce sounds is going to be something else that you will enjoy with the flute. You may think that any flute is going to be easy for your kids to make sounds with, but you need to realize this is not always the case. In fact, with most of the flutes it takes quite a bit of effort to produce a good quality sound.
  3. Ergonomics has been one of the main things that people are always talking about. When you look at the flutes, you may notice the majority of them are going to have a wide range of key layouts. However, with the Prelude FL711 it has come with the ergonomic design that is going to make it easier for the kids to play the flute and know it is going to be comfortable in their hands.
  4. Includes the cleaning rods that are going to make it easier for your kids to keep their flute clean and operational. Sometimes you will never think about this, but you need to realize the band is going to teach your kids some responsibility as well. The responsibility is going to come from having to keep up with their flutes maintenance and cleaning schedule.
  5. The case that comes with this flute is often seen as one of the nicer cases and easier ones to use. Since this is such a great case, you do not have to be concerned about your kids really complaining about the cases being to heavy or not protecting the flute like they want to have.

Problems With The Prelude FL711

  1. Discoloration can happen with this flute over time. While the discoloration may not be a major issue for some people, it is an issue that some people will find as being a major pain. This is especially true, when you pay hundreds of dollars for a flute and do not want to have a flute that is going to discolor and not provide you with the same great look that you want to have for your kids.
  2. Is not going to be as advanced of a flute that you would need to move up to a concert type of flute. This in turn will make it nearly impossible for you to keep the same flute you have learned on. So just make sure you look at this aspect of the flute and realize over time you will need to shop for a new flute.