Pur Chrome Horizontal

Using a is a great way to remove a lot of the chemicals and other items that could be making you sick in your water. However, what you need to realize is there are literally hundreds of different models on the market. This is definitely something that you need to research or you could have some issues with the filter you get not really suiting your needs or even worse making the water taste bad after a few uses or the filter wearing out quickly. To help you avoid this we have decided it was time for us to do our complete of the Pur Chrome Horizontal so you know if this will work for your needs or if you need to consider one of the other water filters we have reviewed. Then you can continue to make an educated choice on the water filters you are going to buy for your home.

Features Of Pur Chrome Horizontal Water Filter

  • This is a filter that is going to use what the company has listed as the Maxion filter technology and that is going to make it easier for you to get the great taste to the water and know it is going to have a quality that is going to be purer than what you would expect to have.Now the key to this is the water is filtered over a mineral core that is going to make it have a crisper feel to it.
  • Now, a water filter that is able to remove a lot of the contaminantes is a great thing and when you are looking at this filter you will notice it is one that removes 99% of the lead. Then it will also remove 96% of the mercury. These are a couple of big things in the water that is a major issue, but something else the filter does is removes 92% of the pesticides that have been used quite a bit.
  • The filter that you have here is going to have a leak proof connector. This will make it easier for you to have a great product that is not really going to leak water around the connection. When you are getting this connected you will want to make sure you identify the proper connector to help guarntee it does not leak, but as long as you do not have anything like an aerator on your faucet this filter should easily fit on the faucet.
  • Now, I am not sure what your water quality is, but I can tell you that my water has a tendency to taste very heavy on the chlorine side of the water. This is not something that I want to have in my cup and have it sit out for a while because it has a tendency to get a stronger taste than what I want over time. This filter is one that does a decent job of helping to remove a lot of the chlorine taste from the water I am drinking.

What I Like With This Water Filter

I like the fact this is water filter that is going to fit flat with the sink faucet. This is going to make it easier for me to get the water filter and know it is not really going to be one that my son is going to have problems with. That is because the water filter is going to have an easy to flip switch and this makes it easier for my son to use without having to worry about him twisting the filter on accident like he did with the vertical filters.

The color light indicator for the filter is something else that is very nice to see as well. When I look at the front of the filter you will notice it does have a light that will flicker in one of three colors. These colors will make it easier for you to know when it is going to be time to change out the filter, but also makes it easier for you to know if you are going to need to start to buy a new filter to change out the filter that is starting to get worn out.

The availability of the filters to replace the older one is something else that is great when you are looking here. When you are looking at these filters you will notice that a lot of them are going to have some problems in getting the filters to change out. However, because of the Pur brand is one that you have seen around quite a bit it will be easy for you to see this filter will last you for a while, but also is easy to find a replacement at almost any store or online.

What I Dislike With This Water Filter

Okay, I have to say that one thing that I did not care for with this filter is the fact that it has a tendency to go from the yellow warning light to red without any real reasoning to it. I know it claims that it will last for a time period after the fact, but I can tell you from my experience this is something that can wear out quickly and when it starts to go out it goes quickly and without much warning at all.

My Final Thoughts On The Pur Chrome Horizontal Water Filter

When you need to get some of the contaminants out of the water you will find that it is going to be a challenge at times, unless you are using a water filter. This is when you should know about the different water filters that are on the market to help you out in getting the right filter that will work for your needs, but also know that these are going to be sink faucet mounted filters. This will make it quite a bit easier for you to have the proper tools in place to get the water filtered to the point you want it to reach. That is why we have decided that the Pur Chrome Horizontal Water Filter is a decent filter and has a good look you can enjoy as well to help guarantee the water is clear and nice tasting.