Are you in the mood for a refreshing and zesty ? Look no further than the . This classic drink is a delightful blend of bourbon, ginger beer, and lime, creating a harmonious balance of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds. In just a few , you can whip up this crowd-pleasing and impress your friends at your next gathering. So grab your shaker, dust off your mule mug, and get ready to indulge in the smooth and tangy goodness of a homemade Kentucky Mule.


To make a delicious Kentucky Mule, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Bourbon or whiskey: Choose your preferred brand and make sure you have enough for the desired number of servings.
  • Lime juice: Fresh lime juice will add a refreshing and tangy flavor to your drink.
  • Ginger beer: This carbonated ginger-flavored beverage is a crucial element in a Kentucky Mule.
  • Ice: Ice cubes will keep your cool and refreshing.
  • Lime slices for garnish: Adding a slice of lime to your glass will not only make your drink look more enticing but also enhance the overall flavor.

Equipment Needed

Before you start making your Kentucky Mule, gather the necessary equipment:

  • Mule mug or highball glass: The traditional way to serve a Kentucky Mule is in a stylish copper mug. However, a highball glass will also do the trick.
  • Cocktail shaker (optional): If you prefer your drink more chilled and diluted, a cocktail shaker can help achieve that.
  • Jigger or measuring cup: Accurate measurements are key to a well-balanced cocktail. Use a jigger or measuring cup to ensure the proper ratio of ingredients.
  • Muddler: If you desire a stronger ginger flavor, a muddler will come in handy to crush the lime slices and release their essence.
  • Bar spoon or long spoon: This tool is used for stirring your drink and combining the ingredients.
  • Ice bucket or ice tray: Store your ice cubes in an ice bucket or ice tray to keep them readily accessible.

Simple Steps for Making a Kentucky Mule

Step 1: Gather the Ingredients

Before you begin mixing your Kentucky Mule, make sure you have all the necessary ingredients ready. Choose your favorite bourbon or whiskey, ensuring you have enough for the desired number of servings. If you don’t have fresh lime juice, squeeze some limes to obtain the required amount. Lastly, don’t forget to grab a bottle of ginger beer and prepare some ice cubes. Additionally, having lime slices on hand for garnish will add a touch of sophistication to your cocktail.

Step 2: Prepare the Glass

To begin assembling your Kentucky Mule, select either a mule mug or a highball glass. These vessels are the perfect way to showcase your perfectly crafted cocktail. Fill the chosen glass with a handful of ice cubes to keep your drink nice and chilled. For an extra touch of elegance, place a few lime slices on the rim of the glass to serve as a visually appealing garnish.

Simple Steps for Making a Kentucky Mule

Step 3: Measure and Pour

Accurate measurements are crucial in mixing the perfect Kentucky Mule. Use a jigger or measuring cup to pour 2 ounces (60 ml) of bourbon or whiskey into the glass over the ice. This will provide the strong and distinctive flavor that is characteristic of this cocktail. Next, add 1/2 ounce (15 ml) of fresh lime juice to the glass. The lime juice will balance out the richness of the bourbon and add a vibrant citrus note to the drink. Once both ingredients are in the glass, gently stir them together using a bar spoon or a long spoon to ensure they are well combined.

Step 4: Top with Ginger Beer

Now that the bourbon and lime juice are mixed, it’s time to top off your Kentucky Mule with the star ingredient: ginger beer. Pour the ginger beer into the glass, filling it almost to the top. Be careful not to fill it all the way, as you want to leave enough room for garnish and to avoid any spills while enjoying your drink.

Simple Steps for Making a Kentucky Mule

Step 5: Mix and Muddle

To truly transform your Kentucky Mule into a delightful sensation, use a bar spoon or long spoon to gently mix all the ingredients together. Stirring ensures that the flavors are evenly distributed and creates a harmonious blend. If you prefer a stronger ginger taste, you can take it a step further by using a muddler to lightly crush some of the lime slices. This will release their oils and intensify the ginger flavor throughout the drink.

Step 6: Add More Ice

If you desire an extra cold and refreshing Kentucky Mule, feel free to add more ice to your glass. This will ensure that your cocktail stays chilled, even on a hot summer day. The additional ice will also help dilute the drink slightly, if that is your preference.

Step 7: Garnish and Serve

To give your Kentucky Mule that final touch of elegance, it’s time to garnish your glass. Place a lime slice on the rim of the glass, allowing it to rest comfortably. This garnish not only adds visual appeal but also provides an aromatic element to the drink. Now, your Kentucky Mule is ready to be served and enjoyed! Savor every sip and relish in the beautiful fusion of flavors.

Optional Step: Shake and Strain

If you prefer your Kentucky Mule more chilled and diluted, there is an optional step you can take. Instead of directly pouring the bourbon, lime juice, and ice into the glass, you can utilize a cocktail shaker. Place the bourbon, lime juice, and ice into the shaker and shake vigorously for a few seconds. Once properly mixed, strain the contents into your glass, removing any ice chips or pulp. This method will ensure that your drink is icy cold and diluted to your personal preference.

Now that you have the step-by-step guide to making a Kentucky Mule, it’s time to put your mixology skills to the test. With its perfect balance of flavors and refreshing qualities, the Kentucky Mule is sure to be a hit at your next gathering or as a special treat for yourself. Remember to enjoy responsibly and savor every moment of this delightful cocktail. Cheers to a fantastic drinking experience!