Discover The Yard Machines 140cc 20-Inch

We have been talking a lot about push mowers lately and that is something that we really find helpful for some people people because they have a smaller yard that will work for the mowers. However, sometimes people have a larger yard and push mowing would require them to take an hour each night everyday of the week to get the yard mowed. If you are push mowing, though, you need to make sure you have the right mower to help you out in getting the yard mowed. With that being the case we have decided it was time to offer up a of our fifth place gasoline powered . The Yard Machines 140cc 20-inch .

Features Of The 

The mower is one that you will like to a point. That is because the mower has a 140cc motor, which is not the strongest motor that we have looked into. However, it is a Powermore OHV motor. This is a motor that we have not really heard of before, but we do know that when we have used Yard Machines products in the past they have worked pretty well, but this motor we have not really heard much about and could not really find a lot of information online.

With the mower the deck cut is going to only take out 20 inch swaps out of the ground at a time. This may seem like a lot, but you need to realize a lot of our push mowers that we reviewed had a 21 inch cut, which is quite a big difference in time if you are considering a regular sized lawn. However, if you compare this to a riding mower the average deck size is 42 inches, so this is a little under half of the regular sized mower decks.

Wheels are important when you consider a lawn mower that you will be pushing through the grass. With this mower it is going to only have wheels that are 7 inches tall. This type of wheel size can make it very difficult for you to get the clearance you may need in your lawn at times, but also make it very difficult to cut some of the grass as well.

Can I Attach A Collection Bag To The Yard Machines Push Mower?

This is a challenge because sometimes you will want to collect your yard clippings because you are going to have some issues with your yard or even need to pick them up for your homeowners association. With that being the case, if you want to have a collection bag on your mower then you will want to consider a different mower because you cannot attach a collection bag to this mower.

Will The Lawn Mower Do Any Type Of Mulching? 

Now, this is a mower that is relative inexpensive as it is going to hit under the two hundred dollar mark. This does not mean this mower is not going to be able to do the cutting in the grass, but it will not have some of the features that you would get in some of the mowers that are over the three hundred dollar mark. So the quick answer is this mower will not do the mulching that you need to have done around the yard.

How Difficult Is The Mower To Start? 

This is a push mower that is not that difficult to start for the most part. You do have to prime the motor and that can be a little bit difficult at times for some people. However, this is a mower that you are going to find easy to start as well if you are able to get the motor primed right. The good news is this is a mower that you can use and make it run quickly and easily and once you have it done it is going to go out and cut the grass like you want it to do.

Our Final Thoughts On The Yard Machine 140cc 20 Inch Push Mower

Now you may think that we are going to sing this mower some praises after it made our list for the five best push mowers for smaller yards with gasoline motors. However, what we are going to say is this is a great mower to get if you are on a budget. If you want to have a mower that we know will be reliable for years to come and can say with confidence you are going to want to consider maybe one of the other mowers we have reviewed. Either way this is a great lightweight mower that will do the basics of cutting grass, but if you need to mulch the grass or collect it then you need to select a different mower to do your work.

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