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Buying all the time is very expensive and often leads to the parents starting to wonder what all is included in the . I know that for my kids, I always had to question the food safety and even the food that my baby was getting. This is when I decided to save myself quite a bit of money by looking at the best kitchen blenders for to guarantee that I was able to give my baby the top quality food around. Then I was able to make my baby his food, but also save quite a bit of money by making the food fresh and avoiding any problems of not knowing what is in his food. Here are the best kitchen blenders for baby food that I have found in my reviews.

Method I Used For Determining The Best Kitchen Blenders For Baby Food On The Market

When I was making my list up, I decided to use quite a bit of criteria to narrow down my search. Some of the criteria includes the amount of food that the blender is going to hold, but also even the amount of puree the blender is able to do. This often the main criteria that I look for when making baby food since the babies cannot really have chunky food. Here is the information that I used and the blenders that I found to be some of the best kitchen blenders for baby food on the market.

Comparison Of The Blenders For Baby Food

modelsize of motorsize of containersettings availabledishwasher safenumber of speedsmaterials
ninja master prep professional blender450 watts16 ounceschop, pureeyes1heavy duty plastic
breville die-cast hemisphere 2-speed blender1000 watt67 ouncepulse, chop, grindyes2polycarbonate
oster versa professional performance blender1100 watt8 cupslice, shred, blendyes3titan plastic
magic bullet nutribullet pro 900900 watt4 cupsshred, blend, grind, chopyes1plastic
kitchenaid 5-speed diamond blender550 watt60 ouncestir, chop, mix, puree, liquefyyes5plastic

The Five Best Kitchen Blenders For Baby Food

Magic Bullet NutriBullet Pro 900 Overview

Now the Magic Bullet has come out to be the top rated baby food blender that I have found. Now this has come about for a variety of reasons, but when you start to read the pros that are associated with this blender, you can see why this is my top pick out of all the competition. 

Size Of The Entire Set – I know that with most of the blenders that you have available it only includes one or two of everything. This set, though, has a complete set of 15 different items. So you will never run out of the items that you need to have. 

900 Watt Motor – While 900 watts may not seem like it is that high, you need to realize that for a blender 900 watts is huge. So you do not have to be concerned about the motor getting jammed with something that it is unable to chop up.

Cyclonic Action – This is something you may have never thought about before, but a lot of the nutrition in the food is locked up inside of the fruit or vegetable. When you want to use a juicer, you could miss out on some of the vitamins and minerals, but with the Nutribullet, it has a specific action that is going to get all of the vitamins out for you.

4 Cup Capacity  – Okay, you may think 4 cups is rather small. However, you need to realize that this is rather large for a juicer and can easily provide you with plenty of juice.

Lightweight  – With most of the blenders or juicers that are on the market, you will find that it is nearly impossible to move on your own. This is when you should know this is a very lightweight machine and will help you be able to move the blender to any of the places you need it moved to.

Ease Of Washing – When you have a juicer you are going to find it is very hard to clean because you cannot really rinse the machine off, but you have to manually hand wash this. With the Nutribullet you are able to wash it easily or even rinse it off.

Speed Of Blending  – With the blending using a normal blender or juicer it is going to be easy to see it can take quite a bit of time to get the food pureed to the point you want it. However, with this machine, it is going to quickly chop and blend the food in a few seconds. 

Space It Takes Up – Now some people never think about this, but these do not take up a ton of space on the counter. Since this is not taking up a lot of space it is easier for people to use and know they will not have to clear off their entire counter.

Now here is the downside that you will find with this machine. While the downsides are not that many, they do exist and this is something you should be aware of before you purchase the model.

Reports Of Leaking Seals – This is something that is a problem that people will encounter. Now in the reviews that I have read, I did not really see any mention of which seal leaked, but it was a rare occurrence that I had seen reported. 

Gears Stripping Out – Now this is something else that people will find as a drawback. The gears of the machine have been known to strip out. This means that the machine cannot use the same level of power that they are expecting to see. 

Breaking Of The Blades – This could easily happen for a variety of reasons, but it can also be a testament to the construction. So you should consider how strong the blades are because this can easily lead to the blades breaking. 

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Ninja Master Prep Professional Blender Overview

The Ninja is one of those items you probably have seen on all the infomercials. I know that I have seen this so many time on them that it was driving me crazy, but after reading the information about the Ninja, I discovered this blender has quite a few pros and most of those pros will make this one of the best blenders to help you in making baby food.

Speed Which The Ninja Works – Nothing is worse than standing at the counter and realize your forgot to make baby food when he or she starts crying. This is when you want to get their food made as quickly as possible. With the Ninja, you will get this advantage because it is very easy to make the food in just a few pulses. 

Can Handle Frozen Food – When you get in a hurry because of the baby wanting their bottle or having to get the other kids off to school, it is nearly impossible to remember to get all the food out of the freezer. With the Ninja, you will find it is able to handle the frozen food and quickly blends them up. 

Ease Of Use – I know with a lot of the blenders that you have to take and work five minutes just to get them set up and ready to use. When you use the Ninja, you just have to put the lid on and attach the blending head. Then you will be able to use the machine for all of your blending needs.

Lids Available For Each Container – This is a great feature and one that I really love when I am making baby food. With these extra lids, you can easily make a ton of food and put the lid on the container to store the food. 

Recipes That Are Available – With quite a few of the blenders they do not provide you with any recipes. However, you will quickly find a large amount of recipes that are available on the Internet, even the Ninja website. Plus a lot of the baby food recipes you can find online will recommend the Ninja.

Stacking Of The Blades – This is an interesting design since most of the blenders that are used for any food are a single blade or double blade. With the Ninja, the blades are stacked up and this makes it easier for the food to be chopped up.

Easy To Clean – Quite often you will not use a blender because it is so hard to clean up. However, with the Ninja, the design is easy to clean and makes the machine that much more usable. 

Easy To Pour Out – How often have you had that little bit of baby food stuck under the blades in your regular blender, but you cannot pull out the blades because that would make the food go all over the place? Well, with this model, since the motor mounts on top, you can get the blades out of the way quickly. 

While the Ninja does have quite a few pros, you will discover the Ninja does have some cons as well, which will be discussed here.

Lexan Construction For The Container – This normally would not be a major issue, but with plastic that is used on a regular basis, even thick plastic like this, it will eventually wear out and start to crack. 

Blade Mounts Are Made From Plastic – While you can read a lot of reviews and not see any mention the blades breaking off, it seems to be only a matter of time before this happens. 

Over Time The Motor And Gears Wear Out – Now this is a problem that some people have reported, but it is not a common problem I am seeing online. This is that some people have problems with the motor mount and the gear for the blades not matching anymore and not working.

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KitchenAid KSB1575MC 5-Speed Diamond Blender Overview

The brand KitchenAid is one that people often associate with high quality products. With the blenders it is true that they are going to have quality, but here are some of the best pros that you will find with the KitchenAid Diamond Blender.

Intelliblend Motor – This is a great feature that you will tend to enjoy. I know that with my blender I have, it does not have this feature, but I wish it did. With the Intelliblend motor, it senses what you have in the pitcher, but also helps keep your motor from being ruined. 

Diamond Blending System – Normally you will find that the blenders you use have trouble in getting all the items blended up. With the diamond blending item, you will be able to get all of your ingredients blended together. 

Crush And Pulse Feature – With these features you are going to be able to get all of the baby food you have blended up. However, you will be able to get the baby food pulsed up, which makes sure it is going to be blended up perfectly.

Soft Start Feature – You may think that just jamming the speed of your blender all the way down right away is the way to go, but this can lead to the motor being ruined. With this blender it already has a built in soft start feature that makes it easy for you to start off slowly with the blending. 

Capacity Is 60 Ounces – Compared to some of the other blenders that have been reviewed, you will find this one has a large capacity. So you can easily blend up quite a bit of baby food at once. 

Steel Coupler – Now you will never think about this, but you will find some of the blenders come with plastic, which wears out over time. With the KitchenAid blender it is going to allow you to have the steel which does not wear out.

LED Lights On Control Panel – Normally if you are trying to use the blender in the dark it is impossible because of the lack of lighting you have. This is when you should know this KitchenAid blender is going to have lights on it that will light up so you can easily use the blender, even in the dark. 

Variety Of Colors – While not normally mentioned as a pro, you will find not all the blenders you are buying have different colors to select from. But come on, this is KitchenAid for pete’s sake, so they have a lot of different colors for you to select from. 

As with all the other products you will find that the KitchenAid blender does have some drawbacks and this is some of the cons that I found.

Lid Can Pop Off – This is a complaint that I seen one person make, but in my experience any blender can have this issue. The lids are only plastic and if not sealed properly they can pop off. 

Can Take A Long Time To Blend Up Ice – Ice is a thing that the blenders are meant to grind up for smoothies. However, with some people who have used this before, it is going to lead to the blender having to run for a longer period of time to get the ice ground up. 

No Glass Pitcher Availability – When you are looking at the KitchenAid blenders, you may find that you want to have heavy duty glass. However, you will find that this model does not have a glass pitcher available for it right now.

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Breville 800BLXL Die-Cast Hemisphere 2-Speed Blender Overview

Breville, is one of the models that are going to help you in getting a good blender that is nice. By learning about the pros you can start to see if the Breville is the right model for you. It is important to note that when this was updated the Breville 800BLXL is one that you may have to find used on eBay as stock is limited in the store.

Extra Wide Steel Blades – The extra wide steel blades that you are going to find here is the fact that it will blend up quite a bit of your food. You will also find this is going to keep the food from being trapped under the blades. 

Measurement Markings On The Jar – Most of the blenders you can use for baby food have no measurements on the jar at all. When you see this blender, you will notice it is going to allow you to measure out the food amount you have on the blenders sides. 

Polymer Motor – With this motor you are going to see it is stainless steel, but the polymer is going to keep the motor running quietly to guarantee you are able to continue to talk to others while the blender is running. 

Finely Shreds The Food – When you are using the blenders you want to have the food chopped up or shredded finely. With this blender, it will make it easy for you to know the food will be shredded up easily. 

Able To Grind A Variety Of Food Stuffs – Food is the thing that you will find is what you want to use the blender for. With some of the blenders on the market, you will find they can barely grind up the food, but with this one you can have almost any type of food and know it will manage to go through the food. 

Durability Of The Container – Typically with a plastic container you will think it is going to wear out quickly and this could be something that you will find as a drawback. However, you will find with this container it is very durable and can even withstand the semi commercial use. 

Motor Has Torque Sensors – These sensors are going to keep the motor from being over torqued at any time, but it will also adjust the power of the motor to keep it from being ruined. 

Very Easy To Use – Now you would think a blender would just require you to push a button to get the results you want to have. However, I know from experience this is not always the case. With this blender, though, it is very easy for you to use. 

The Breville machines are not known for having any major drawbacks, but you will find some cons that are present with the Breville blender.

Brushed Stainless Steel Can Come Off – This is a complaint that I seen in a single review, but the reviewer said they had found this in multiple other complaints, even if I could not find it. Since this is the case, you may want to be aware of this to guarantee your blender is not going to shock you if this happens to you.

If Not Unplugged Is A Phantom Power Sucker – The Breville models are the type of blender that you need to unplug after you have used them. The reason for this is the Breville tends to be a power sucking machine, even while turned off. 

Creates An Air Pocket – When you are using a blender you do not want to have any of the air pockets that can be found. However, some people have started to complain that you will get air pockets with the model around the blades. 

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Oster BLSTVB-104-000 Versa Professional Performance Blender Overview

When I think of Oster, I tend to think about the brand that I can afford and not really have to be concerned about spending a fortune on. Once I started to make baby food, though, I knew that I had to get a quality machine and in my hard work, I did find some pros that you will want to know about with the Oster brand.

8 Cup Capacity – While 8 cups is a lot of baby food, you need to realize this can be used for a variety of other things as well. So you will want to make sure you check out this product since it has the capacity you need to have.

Manual Settings And Pre-Programmed Settings – This is something that I have not really seen mentioned in any of the other blenders, but this one contains some preset settings that make it easy for you to blend up your food quickly and easily. 

Patented Dual Blade Technology – This is something that I have seen rave reviews about and seems to be a great idea. What this does is it allows the blades to move forward and backward. With this it is going to draw in all the food to make it easy to chop and blend the food. 

Comes With 20 Ounce Bottles – I know that the only other blender that made this list with this feature is the Ninja, but even then it is just lids. This is actual bottles that you can hook up to the blender and then after it is done take with you. 

Can Easily Blend Greens – Greens are something that the doctors always seem to be telling us that are babies do not get enough of. With this brand of blender, it manages to get all the greens blended up quickly and easily. 

Plastic Jar That Is Durable – Most of the time you will find the blenders are going to be filled in with items that can easily break the jar if they hit the sides. With this model, though, you are going to find it will easily blend up all the food and the jar is very durable plastic that resist temperature as well. 

1100 Watt Motor – Now, this is a great feature that you will like seeing as well. This motor is one of the most powerful ones on the market and this means you can easily blend right through anything you put in the blender.

Connecting Pieces Made From Metal – Metal is very important when you are connecting together two pieces of a blender. You may think the plastic is fine to use, but you need to realize the metal is going to last a lot longer than what you imagine. 

While this product is still fairly new, it does not have a lot of drawbacks. However, you will want to know about some of these cons that can happen.

Only 2 Programmed Speeds – When you are looking at this, you will find the two speeds may not be enough to complete the work for you. So this could be a drawback that is not going to help you get your food ready to eat. 

Hard To Store – Normally this would not be a problem, but with how crowded all of our kitchens have become, you need to realize this is a point to consider. So you need to make sure you have enough storage space for all the pieces. 

Can Have Voids Created – You may not think about this, but you need to realize with the blender you could easily have the voids that you do not want to have. This blender can create some voids that will make it nearly impossible to get the most out of your food.

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Crucial Decision Points To Consider

When you are buying one of these best kitchen blenders for baby food you need to consider a couple of points. I know that for me, since I am using this for baby food the main consideration that I make is in how well the machine is going to puree the food. So you will want to make sure you consider how well the machine is going to puree the food and this will make it easier for you to know about how well the machine is going to do at keeping your baby happy with food.

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