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Vacuuming up after your pets can be a tremendous challenge. However, the Dyscon DC65 makes it very easy to clean up after your pets. This is a vacuum that is meant for homes with pets, but also has the name attached to it. The DC65 is a great choice of vacuums for all homes as well and it ranked in our best 5 of the vacuums for pet hair. Either way, we are going to cover the DC65 Animal Complete Upright in a review here.

What We Like About The Dyson DC65

With the Dyson we enjoy the brand, but the DC65 has managed to get us to enjoy some of the other aspects of the Dyson vacuums. The first thing we like with this vacuum is the new technology that is the Radial Root Cyclone technology. The technology of the radial root cyclone makes it easier for the DC65 to have a stronger suction to clean the floors better.

Something else enjoyable with this vacuum for pet hair, is the power bar technology. This reworked technology has added an addition 25% power to the bristle bar. The extra penetrating power of this Dyson has made it quite a bit easier to get rid of all the pet hair in your carpet.

What We Did Not Like About The DC65 Animal Vacuum

We did have quite a bit of difficulty in finding something that we did not like about the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright, but we did some thinking and found one flaw that we do not care about. The weight of the vacuum can be rather heavy for some people. It has been reported the Dyson comes in tipping the scales at just over 17 pounds, which for us seems quite heavy for a vacuum.

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Our Final Thoughts

Dyson is a name that is thought of as being great with vacuums for years. The Dyson engineers are always looking for ways to change their vacuums. This helps improve them and with the complete version you have everything that you need for . Outside of the weight of this vacuum being higher, we really have fallen in love with the Dyson DC65 Complete.

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