Learn About The Shark Rotator NV752 Bordeaux

Dog hair is a major challenge that you will have to overcome, but you need to realize with the right vacuum, like the Shark Rotator, it is going to be easy to beat. This is why we have started our series on the best fully size vacuum for dogs, which you can view our top five here. The Shark did not make the top of our list, but it is definitely one of the better vacuums for homes with dogs. While we are looking at these we decided to do a more in depth of each of the vacuums to make sure you get the best choice of vacuums to guarantee you are buying the one that is meant for your needs, not buying one that is being bought because you heard that so and so in town has one of this brand and they love it.


What We Liked About The Shark Rotator Bordeaux

This is the part that we really like when we are looking at the vacuums and that is finding out the best features. With our house we have hard floors and carpet as well. With that being the case, the feature that we really like is the fact that it has the deep clean ability with the vacuum, but also the fact that it has the hard floor Genie attachment with a washable microfiber pad. So this will make it easier for you to get the hard floors cleaned up, which if your house is anything like mine is nearly impossible to get the done properly.

Allergens are something else you are going to have to deal with when you are trying to get your cleaned up. However, what you need to realize is the Shark has decided to address the issue. What is even better is the Shark has washable filters that will help you continue to get all the dust removed from the house, but wash the filters out after the work and this can make it easy for you to get the vacuum ready to use again.

What We Did Not Like

The one big thing that we do not like with the Shark Rotator is the fact this is a vacuum that does not take any type of bags, but instead is going to use the canister style of to catch the dust. Normally we do not mind this because we hate having to buy the bags all the time. However, we have found the canister systems are a little bit hard to clean at times. At the same token, though, we own a canister system as well and even with all the pain cleaning the system it is worth it of not having to buy anymore bags.

Our Final Thoughts

Shark is a brand of vacuum that everyone seems to love. However, it is also a vacuum that can be extremely expensive because you are buying into the brand name. Overall, we would have to say this is one of the best vacuums on the market and it is going to be one of those that is going to take and make your dog hair disappear. Some of the people who have purchased the Shark even talked about having multiple dogs, that shed quite a bit, and the hair is completely removed from the when they have started to use this vacuum when it was usually kept on the floor.

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