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Building a LEGO toy can be a lot of fun, but it also can be a challenge as well for the kids and at times the adults. However, with the popularity of , it is easy to see that the LEGO corporation would take advantage of the movies and bring out some great toys. One of those toys that we have found really enjoyable and can provide your kids with hours of fun putting together and playing with is the . With that being the case, we decided to provide an in depth analysis of this toy so you will know for certain if this is the one that you should be getting for your kids or if you need to look towards a different toy all together.

Targeted Age Range For The

This is important to look at because if you get this for a kid that is under the age range, the chances are good they will be bored and give up. However, if you get it for someone who is over the age range they can complete the project, but they may not play with it as often and use it more as a display piece. With this product the targeted age range is 9-14, but older kids will enjoy putting it together as well.


Something to note is the number of pieces that are present in the LEGO. This is a LEGO  that has 1329 pieces in it. With so many pieces it would not be wise to give to kids under the age of 9, but also to make sure an adult is available to help if needed.

Pros Of The LEGO Millennium Falcon Toy

  • This is a toy that is going to provide your kids with hours of fun playing with, but also building up the toy. As a side note if they are shooting the spring loaded weapons on the front of the ship they may spend hours searching for the pieces that come flying out.
  • Has a hidden compartment that will make it easier for your kids to pretend that they are smuggling the items that Han Solo has decided to move around the Empire. Either way, this is great for building up the kids imagination.
  • Comes with six different figures all of whom will make the toy more realistic for your kids to enjoy and know they will have a great time playing with.

Con Of The LEGO Millennium Falcon 

  • Has a large number of pieces, which can easily be lost if the kids are not careful. However, this is also a toy that may need to have your help in being built. If you cannot help them it could take them a long time to reach the finished product.

Our Final Thoughts

Finding a LEGO toy for your kids is a great way to help build up their mind and thought pattern. However, what you need to realize is your kids are going to want to have the right toys to make sure they are interested in the toy you picked out for them. You may have never thought about this before, but if you get the wrong toy your kids will be bored, even if it is a LEGO toy. With the LEGO Millennium Falcon, I have to say that we really love it. The toy is challenging for the younger kids, but for the older kids it is fun to put together. Throw in the fact that the kids can play with it for hours on end and you have a toy that is going to be the one they will be talking about for hours on end.