Discover The Best Choice

Garden carts with wheels and a seat are a great option. However, when you start to look for these carts you will find their are quite a few of them on the market and that can make it very difficult to figure out which one of these you should be buying and which one you should leave on the shelf. We can honestly say we feel your pain and know if you pick out the wrong cart you are stuck with it for the season usually and sometimes even longer. At the same time, if you pick out the right cart you will have one that is going to keep you in the garden for a long time period and know it makes it possible for you to have fun in the garden, instead of dreading it. With that in mind we are covering the Best Choice in this .

Features Of The Best Choice

The wheels on this cart are rather large as they come in at 10 inches. So you do not have to worry about the wheels getting stuck in some of the taller grass, but also need to realize this can overcome most of the ruts you are going to encounter in the garden as well. Something else that is nice is the taller wheels tends to allow you to have some good ground clearance if you are weeding over plants and want to follow the row with the cart straddling the lower growth plants.

A utility basket is is something else you will like with this garden cart as well. The basket is exactly as it says a utility basket you can carry your tools in. However, if you want to carry a harvest inside of it, then you will need to line the basket with some type of cloth or material that is going to keep everything from slipping through the holes. If you do not do this, then you could have some problems of the items falling through the crack and onto the ground again.

The frame for this garden cart is a powder coated solid steel frame. This is going to make it a little bit more resistant to rusting, but also going to help in keeping the cart in good condition for you for a long period of time. However, you need to realize as you are looking at the cart you could have some problems with the cart needing to be repainted and cleaned up to help protect it from the harsh reality that comes from having an outdoor garden.

What Is The Weight Capacity Of The Best Choice ?

Now the seat capacity weight is the main concern here as you will find if you are carrying tools or a harvest the weight is usually not going to be that much. However, when you factor in your weight as well, this is when you should know the weight capacity because that can make a difference in how well you are going to do on the garden cart. The cart here has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, so you can be a large individual and still use this cart.

Is The Seat On The Garden Cart Adjustable? 

The good news is yes, the seat is adjustable. However, the bad news is the seat is like the older style piano stools that you have to spin around to reach a height you want to have it at. So you will like this fact because it makes it easier for you to get the seat adjusted to the height you want to reach, but it will not rock or pivot on you while you are sitting and reaching for things on the cart as well, which helps you have a seat that is comfortable and nice.

What Style Is The Garden Cart Seat? 

As far as the style of the seat goes it is going to have a great style that will remind you of the older tractor seats. This will help you keep the seat and know that it will feel good, but at the same time since these older style seats were designed to provide comfort for hours of sitting, you will have this type of comfort as well to make it easier for you to have a seat that you can spend hours in at a time.

Our Final Thoughts On The Best Choice Wheeled Garden Cart With Seat

Finding a great garden cart with wheels is a good thing. However, when you are looking on the market place you may notice their are so many of them that are plastic and just cheap looking it is impossible to see if these are going to last you or not. With the Best Choice Wheeled Garden Cart with a seat, though, you will notice it is going to provide you with a great garden cart you can use, but also one that is going to have a comfortable and height adjustable seat. So you will no longer be left trying to figure out if the seat is going to fit you or not. At the same time, the utility basket makes it easier for you to carry some of your gardening tools with you and know they will work for what you need them to do.