Will The Rolling Work Seat For Garden Use Work For You?

Garden seats are definitely one of those items you will want to have for your garden because it allows you to move easily, but also makes it easier for you to get around in the garden. However, we have found their are numerous options for the seats to use in the garden and some of these are going to be so difficult to use you may give up on using them, but others are so easy you will start to ask yourself why you never used them before. With that in mind, we are going to cover the rolling work seat for use in your garden and this product so you can determine if it is one that you should be buying or if you need to consider a completely different one for your garden.

Features Of The Rolling Work Seat For The Garden

The seat that is on the cart is one that is built to last. You may have seen some of these seats before that it looks like they are going to fall apart right away, but you need to realize this is a car that has a very nice seat that is almost like the older style of tractor seats. So this will make it easier for you to have a good seat and know it is going to last you for a long period of time. Not to mention the seat has the rounded lip edge, which is going to make it a lot more comfortable on your butt compared to some of the other seats you can use.

Weight capacity on these seats is typically around two hundred and fifty pounds. However, with this seat you will notice it is going to provide you with the higher capacity you need to have. Now this does not mean you are going to be using the full weight capacity with your body weight, but if you think about some of the produce you gather and bring around with you and the tools the weight of those can really add up. So this is a consideration you should be making as well when you think about the overall weight capacity of the carts.

A great feature as well is the carry tray on the underside of the seat. This tray makes it easier for you to carry all of your tools down to the garden with you, but also have them at hands reach when you need them. The only downside is the tray is meant for smaller hand tools and not for the larger tools that you may find you need when you are at the garden, but still having the smaller hand tools with you is a great thing.

Does The Garden Rolling Cart With Seat Have A Brake? 

This is a good question because obviously if you are working in some parts of your garden you may have a slight hill. When  you have these hills you will need to stop so you can work on the part of the garden without rolling down past where you need to be. However, in short this cart does not have a brake with it. However, we found if you have a piece of wood and put it in front of the wheels it will stop the cart from rolling on down the hill.

Are The Tires Rugged For Garden Terrain?

When you look at your garden you will generally find the terrain is going to be a lot harsher than what you think. So you will need to get the garden cart that has tires that is able to handle the terrain. With that in mind you will like the fact this is a cart that has fairly rugged tires and will make it through most of the terrain that you are going to be going through.

Our Final Thoughts On The Rolling Work Seat For Garden Use

This is a seat that is very versatile. The seat will work in the garden, but it will also work in the garage or when you are trying to organize the lower cabinets in the . The wheels are large, but the storage tray is a little bit on the smaller side. However, this is a garden cart that you can use in multiple applications, but also have a cart that is great for the garden. The one drawback that we have is the lack of a brake outside of bringing your own pieces of wood to put under the tire. With that being said we do like this cart and would recommend it to anyone who is gardening and does not want to hurt their back bending over all the time.