Best With Seat Under A Hundred Bucks

is going to be starting up here in a few months and this often means trying to find a . The reason as to why you are going to want to get a wheeled garden cart will vary depending on what you are looking for, but in my case, it is because I want to have something that is going to keep me off of the ground and will help me in getting the tools I am going to bring down to the garden in a single trip. That is because most of the carts that I end up buying have a tool tray, which is nice as well because it can carry some of the produce I am bringing back from the garden as well. However, I do not want to spend a fortune for the carts because I do not like having a fortune tied up in a cart that could end up breaking down and wearing out quickly. So I went out and found what I feel is the best-wheeled garden cart with a seat under a hundred bucks and that cart is the Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart with Extendable Steering Handle, Swivel Seat, and Basket. All of these things combined will make it easier for you to see why we have selected this cart.

Features Of the Sunnydaze Rolling Garden Cart

  • This is a cart that is going to measure a total of 31-inches long and it is going to come in at a little bit around 18-inches wide. What else is really nice about this cart is the fact that it will come in at just about 22-inches tall. This is going to make it easier for you to have a good time because the cart will keep you closer to the ground, but also going to make it easier for you to have a wide enough base that you can work off of without having to worry about flipping over your cart.
  • While the cart that we are talking about here is going to be blue in color, that is because it has been powder coated to protect the steel frame. So it is not only going to be looking great it will also make it easier for you to have a piece that is going to be very long lasting because it is going to help you out for several years to come and not have to worry about the cart really failing you at all.
  • A seat is very important when you are looking at these products and with this cart, it is going to have a great looking product that is going to allow you to turn the seat in a 360-degree radius. So you can easily take the garden cart through the different rows that you are going to have in your garden, but instead of having to turn yourself around no the cart you just have to swivel the seat and this is going to save you quite a bit of time in getting the work done.
  • The axles are made of solid steel and this is going to help to improve the durability of the cart because if they are going to break it will take quite a bit of force and in most cases it is going to be more force than what you are able to exert on the cart while you are .
  • With the steering handle on this cart, you will probably like the fact this is a handle that can be extended out. The extension of the handle makes it easier for you to have the cart and drag it around to the location you need to have it.

What I Like About The Wheeled Garden Cart

I really like the fact this is a garden cart that has a great basket on it. While the basket is the type that does have the larger opening holes on it, I did find it is a great basket that will provide you with quite a bit of comfort because it does hold your garden tools. However, if you are planning on bringing in a harvest from the bean row, then you will like the fact you can line the basket with a cloth and have them contained. Then you can easily empty the basket just by pulling the cloth out with the beans in the cloth.

Durability is something else I really like the cart. I have kids and even when I tell them not to tear things apart, well, you know what happens. I think you could give them a wrench and they would take apart a tank in five minutes if left alone. However, this cart is one that is very durable and will last you for a long period of time. The durability of the cart definitely makes it easier for me to have a cart that is going to last me for a longer period of time.

The width of the cart with the swiveling seat is another point that I like with the cart. While 18-inches may seem like it is a little wide for the garden if you properly space your rows out and maintain them then this is going to work for what you need to have for moving the cart between the rows. However, what is really nice about the cart is the swivel seat which will help you out in getting the garden harvested and weeded because you can set the cart in between a couple of rows and just turn the seat without having to turn the entire cart.

What I Did Not Care For With The Garden Cart

The weight rating for this cart, in my opinion, is a little bit on the low side compared to some of the other carts I have looked at in the past. While the cart is rated for 225 pounds, I like to have some extra supplies with me and depending on what I bring with me it can push the weight to over this limit. Not to mention, multiple reviews on Amazon have mentioned that they are not anywhere near the weight limit that is listed and they are having issues with the carts front end working like it is supposed to without having to get some reinforcement type of work done on it.

My Final Thoughts 

Okay. I have to say the Sunnydaze wheeled garden cart is definitely one that is going to be very durable and will last you for a long period of time. However, at the same time, this is a cart that has been noted to have a weak front end that you may have to reinforce. If you are able to do this, which will help increase the weight limit, this is a good cart. Even if you cannot do the work if you are not anywhere near the weight limit the cart is a decent one to pick up to make your gardening chores a lot easier. Overall, I have to say if you are looking for the best wheeled garden cart with seat under a hundred bucks, you cannot really go wrong here.